SOLUTION: Amazon & Shopify Integration 2019

SOLUTION Amazon & Shopify Integration 2019 Multiorders

Normally, it is quite a difficult task to find a good solution when you wish to create an Amazon & Shopify integration. However, when the time is right, you should go ahead without looking back. Especially when you have such a great helper like Multiorders.

Usually, before you start, you should decide whether you want to open a new Amazon store or expand to a whole new platform. Though keep the same products in order to reduce management and storage costs.  In case you wish to expand to another e-commerce platform such as Shopify, Multiorders will help you with shipping management, inventory management and order management.

SOLUTION How To Sync Shopify And Amazon Multiorders

Multiorders inventory management software

When you open a Shopify store, it can get quite frustrating to keep track of who ordered what and where it should go. However, in only the first five minutes with Multiorders management software, you can create miracles. Straight after Amazon & Shopify integration, your two shops are automatically synchronised. Which means that you can manage orders, suppliers, shipping and customers on one dashboard.

Using Multiorders is the best choice you will ever make and even when you decide to include an additional marketplace, it all works the same.

Amazon & Shopify integration

As soon as you integrate the two shops they will automatically synchronise. In other words, the products with the same SKU’s will merge, which means that when an item is bought in one store, the other one will automatically update accordingly. Also, all your inventory will be shown on the same dashboard. You can manage product price, purchase orders, update stock and even set price margins.

Customer management

In Multiorders you see customer information from Amazon & Shopify integration on one dashboard. This means that whenever a customer purchases something, you will see the information in Multiorders. No matter which store they bought from. Even if they bought one product from Amazon and one from Shopify you can merge the orders and send them as a single shipment. That is, of course, if both orders go to the same destination address.

Because of that, when a customer inquiries about their order, it is very easy to track their purchase history and solve problems quickly. Only this feature can provide you with an advantage among the competitors, as quick problem solving leads to higher customer satisfaction. Consequently, you have more loyal customers and improve your customer retention rate.

Shipping Carriers Multiorders

Shipping Management

In addition, when you complete Amazon & Shopify integration, you can ship items in a few clicks. There is a simple reason for it. Multiorders co-operates with all the major worldwide courier services. Therefore, you can integrate as many as you need and use them without any limitations.

To make the shipping process even faster you can create shipping presets and use them in the process. A shipping preset is a predefined parcel measurement such as height, length, size and weight. You can also assign default shipping carriers to each parcel size. As a result in the shipping process, you do not need to fill in any details manually. Just choose a shipping preset and complete the shipment.

Further, when you ship an item through Multiorders software it automatically updates your marketplace with a tracking number. This means that it also automatically informs your customer about it.

Multiorders Inventory Management and shipping software 2

Complementary data

Moreover, Multiorders keeps all the necessary information in one place. Be it invoices, purchase orders or any analytical data. With Multiorders you not only can quickly print documents and reorder inventory but you can also analyse your business performance. And this is without any additional costs. If the default reports are not enough for you, you can request for a specific report.

To summarize, when you start using our Amazon & Shopify integration, you can manage your two stores with less effort than before. Also, you can automate most of your management processes and forget about manual repetitive tasks. Using Multiorders is the best choice you will ever make and even when you decide to include an additional marketplace, it all works the same.

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