SOLUTION: Amazon And Ebay Integration 2019

SOLUTION Amazon And eBay Integration 2019 Multiorders

There is a way to do a mutual Amazon and eBay integration. It allows you to reach greater audiences and achieve next-level brand visibility. Actually, you do this by simply running two separate stores. It means that each store has its own target audience. This allows you to reach more shoppers who are not familiar with your store.

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Amazon and eBay integration

When you use Multiorders as your eBay and Amazon integration software you will have greater control over your business processes. Being able to run your business more efficiently will also boost customer experience for your customers. This software improves your inventory, order and shipping management.

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Inventory management

With Multiorders you can sync the inventory of your Amazon and eBay stores. This allows you to modify inventory from multiple stores in one go. Even more, you can update stock levels for different platforms. It happens on one dashboard and makes the process quicker.

Multiorders gives you the ability to create product bundles. They come in handy when selling product kits in your store. Another feature our software can offer you is reorder points. They basically allow you to make sure that you never run out of stock.

You will receive low stock alerts and will be able to create purchase orders on time. This will effectively remove the possibility of overselling. Most importantly, you can set the buying price for each product on different sales channels and watch your profit margins.

Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits provided by Multiorders software.

Order management

You can have unlimited sales channel integrations in Multiorders. This enables you to manage and fulfil your orders in one dashboard. Moreover, you can sell your products online while taking retail or phone orders. Because Multiorders updates your inventory and orders, you will always have accurate inventory for all connected sales channels.

Whenever your customer makes multiple orders, Multiorders will let you know. Therefore you can merge those orders and send everything as one parcel. Doing this is more convenient for both parties. Simply because you save money on shipping. Your customer also has fewer deliveries to wait for.

To help you advance your business even further, Multiorders automates a large part of the invoicing process. When you need an invoice the software will automatically fill in the information and create the invoice.  The same applies for all other necessary documents. For example, return forms, packing lists, shipping labels and delivery notes.

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Shipping management

After completing the Amazon and eBay integration you will be able to connect unlimited shipping courier accounts from across the globe. Multiorders supports integrations of major worldwide carriers. Therefore you have the freedom to select whichever is more convenient for you.

Secondly, to automate your shipping flow you can create shipping presets. You can set the most common parcel measurements, together with the shipping provider. Then, when you need to print a shipping label you can generate it only in a few clicks by choosing a suitable preset.

Immediately after you mark your item as shipped, Multiorders automatically updates your sales channels with the tracking details. In a case where you have huge quantities of items to ship, you can do bulk shipments. It speeds up the label printing and reduces workload.

Without a doubt, there are numerous benefits provided by Multiorders software. You only need to grab this chance and boost your capabilities.

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