3dcart is a fully-hosted e-commerce platform that is a great fit for sellers with little or no experience. Flexible pricing options, a fair range of free features, ease of use and great customer support is 3dcart’s strong suit. After deciding what you're going to sell, you should be able to add products and control your 3dcart stock with ease in no-time.

As your e-commerce business grows, the knowledge you gain often translates to additional features you’d like to implement. Together comes a need for greater customization capabilities. These expansions will probably have a 3dcart price tag.

Most sellers perceive growth linearly, but in reality there are a couple of distinct paths to success. There's one important decision you’ll have to make. It is whether you want to keep your business on one platform or spread your products onto multiple platforms.

3dcart or more?

Using a single platform is cheaper and requires less maintenance. Therefore, that is a superior option for those, who view their e-commerce business as a side-project rather than their focus.

In contrast, placing your products on multiple platforms will unavoidably lead to higher profits at the cost of time and effort. Meaning, this is a key stepping stone for those, who mainly focus on their e-commerce business.

Staying on a single platform is rather self-explanatory, therefore let’s explore the latter.

Multi-platform path

Setting up and maintaining additional platforms is time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Normally, sellers think that they have to go through the same process of setup all over again.

That’s true only if you don’t employ software built to manage your business from a single dashboard. For example, you only need to adjust your 3dcart stock after a sale on another platform only if you do not use cross-platform management software, such as Multiorders.

Such software, obviously is an additional cost, but the profits are no longer limited by any single platform's traffic. Your products suddenly have much greater visibility on the web.

If you decide to look deeper into adapting multiple platforms, start with browsing other e-commerce websites and find those that fit your products well. For instance, if you do crafts / hand-made production - Etsy is great. Electronics / books / standardized goods? Amazon.

Once you’re ready to cast the big net and move your 3dcart stock onto multiple scenes, take a look at the software options.

To learn more about how Multiorders can improve your business, visit our features page.

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