Shopify Order Management Software 2019

Shopify Order Management Software 2019 Multiorders

When you receive tens, hundreds or even thousands of orders per day it can become very confusing of what to do and how to deal with the volume. Shopify order management is not only fulfilling orders and marking them done. It is also tracking the parcels, making sure they reach your customers and even contacting the customer to ask for feedback.

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Shopify Order Management


Log in to your admin page, go to Orders and then to Timeline. There you can check the status of any order, write to your colleagues, resend confirmation letters, attach files and link it to other orders and customers.


If you add any comments to the order, it will only be visible to you and internal staff. No comments will reach your end customer. Just be careful, in the order section you have another possibility to edit notes, but these are your customers notes related with the order, so these will not reach anyone.


If you wish to update the order, you need to go to Orders. There, you can do the following updates:


  1. Edit customer information. You can change the name of your customer, contact information and shipping address. However, you have no control of their billing address, order total and line items. No modifications to those are possible.
  2. Attach order tag. With order tags you are able to organize orders by any criteria you deem necessary. Tags allow you to filter orders even though they are not fulfilled, captured or paid. There is also a possibility to save tag search for future use. One order tag can be up to 40 characters including letters and numbers.


Shopify stores all the customer information (according to the new EU law). If you need to contact your customer, you need to check what information they have entered during the checkout and use it. If you choose to send and email, make sure to use your store’s email and not a personal one. Email received from a personal account looks like a scam and is not considered to be legitimate.


Push notifications


Another very effective feature that Shopify offers is push notifications on your phone. For that, you need to download the Shopify app. You can enable push notifications from the app settings.


Just make sure that you also allow notifications from Shopify app to be shown on your device. The push notification will appear instantly after someone places an order in your store. This way you can improve your service and speed up the selling process.


Archive orders


When you finish fulfilling an order, make sure to archive it. You can view all of your archived orders in the order list. Archiving fulfilled orders can help keep track of open orders and make it easier to track which ones you need to fulfil.


Multiorders order management software

If you own more than one store, to make Shopify order management easier you should use Multiorders order management software. This way, you can manage not only multiple Shopify stores, but add any stores you have on other marketplaces as well.


Furthermore, it allows you to add unlimited amount of sales channels, create invoices with your business details on them, charge customers via connected Stripe account, use tags, assign dispatchers and much more. The main feature is that with Multiorders you can manage all of your sales channels in one dashboard.


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