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Shopify Customer Management Software Multiorders

Multiorders has a part that acts as Shopify customer management software that serves multiple purposes. Of course, the main one is to help business owners manage their Shopify buyers.

Customers constantly come and go. Businesses can have thousands of them buying different products every day. Then suddenly one of those consumers decides to get in touch with the business about the products they have bought.

A business needs to be able to quickly and accurately track the purchases made and help this customer. However, if there are no customer management processes then the business is in trouble.

The unhappy customer moves on to share his/her bad experience with surrounding people. From this, a huge loss can follow, because one unhappy customer can cause a lot more damage than 100 happy customers can attract new ones. Word of mouth is a powerful tool.

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Customer file

To avoid these situations Multiorders has a process in place waiting for businesses to use it. Whenever a Shopify store or any other from the unlimited amount of integrated stores receive an order, Multiorders creates a customer file. This way, you can access all of the necessary information any time.

In the customer table, it is possible to filter all the purchases by customer name or find a specific date or product. Thus whenever a customer requires further help the staff can easily locate the item and all the necessary information.

Multiorders went the extra mile and teamed up with MailChimp.

Export data

This customer data is always available to use not only to help you out, but also for analytical purposes. Customer order history is always available for reports and analytics.

To ease the analysis the Shopify customer management software part of Multiorders has the option to export data. You can use these data exports for future reference or safekeeping.

Marketing lists with MailChimp

Multiorders went the extra mile and teamed up with MailChimp. Therefore, when Multiorders creates a customer file, MailChimp simultaneously creates one as well. These customer lists are made according to the place of purchase.

For example, if you have more than one Shopify store integrated, then each store will have their own customer lists on MailChimp.

When these lists are created, a business can easily step up in the email marketing field and finally send those dreamy promotional emails.

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