Savant E-commerce Amsterdam 2019

Savant E-commerce Amsterdam 2019 Multiorders

At the beginning of April, one of the most explicit events happened. It was Savant e-commerce Amsterdam 2019. We will talk all about it for those who have not been there yet and share the insights of why should you participate next year.

E-Commerce in Europe and across the world is more popular than ever. Omni-channel retailers and pure players are diving deep in the e-commerce pool and the competition will only grow. The most crucial factor in winning in the digital world is embracing the opportunities. These include digital strategies, creative problem-solving solutions, AI business models, data and start-up spirit.

Only the leading executives can attend, to make the event more suitable for networking.

Moreover, when the world moves to e-commerce to perform everyday tasks, the retailers’ focus also must change. The customer journey towards a purchase became more complex and harder to achieve. Therefore retailers must move away from the traditional funnels and find new modern strategies.

These and other current e-commerce challenges were discussed during the Savant E-commerce Amsterdam 2019. This year the event hosted around 200 participants of which majority were retailers, and only approximately 25 % were solution providers.

Why is this event special?

The Savant E-commerce Amsterdam event is only for advanced pure players and omni-channel retailers, brands and manufacturers coming from Europe. All the presentations are clear of sales pitches and provide only relevant and entertaining information.

As a result, when you come back to work, you immediately start working on it. Most importantly, the event is ensuring that only the relevant people attend. This means that there are no media, recruiters and profound significance people.

Only the leading executives can attend, to make the event more suitable for networking. Besides, Savant events always look for exceptional places for the conferences. Simply because they want the attendees to get inspired from the whole surroundings and the content they receive.

What is the content of Savant E-commerce Amsterdam 2019?

The two-day event spent the first day on data-driven innovation inside the organization. It also covered topics such as brand equity and shifting profits of e-commerce businesses. During this day, there were various thought-provoking sessions. They encouraged participants to think about the practical side of the information given.

On the second day, attendees received a dose of inspiration for innovation outside of the company. It provided information about the e-commerce innovation ways and depicted it with the real examples from Far-East and USA. During this day the participants also had a chance to join brainstorming sessions, where they discussed the role of voice and marketplaces.

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend this event next year and expand your network with all of those high-level executives at hand.

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