SOLUTION: Parcel2go Shipping Management For Ebay Sellers 2019


April 26, 2019


Goda Jurgaityte

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When you start selling on eBay, one of the most important decisions is choosing your shipping carrier. Parcel2Go shipping management for eBay sellers is a good route to take in order to ensure perfect order fulfilment.

parcel2go Shipping Management for ebay sellers

Parcel2Go guarantees the lowest price on parcels to Europe. This is great for any merchant, who sells worldwide or targets europeans! Moreover, with this shipping carrier you will get parcel protection, which will be included in the price of your delivery.

This also includes the ability for merchants to track their parcels for free. Therefore, it is a great choice for online sellers, who expect quality service and reasonable pricing.

Parcel2go Shipping Management for Ebay Sellers

Multiorders is a shipping management software, where you can connect various online shops and shipping carriers. By doing that, you can easily see and manage all of your orders in one place. This is a great tool for those merchants, who want to improve their business and reduce time they waste!

parcel2go Shipping Management for ebay sellers

Parcel2Go is one of the available shipping carrier integrations in Multiorders. It is especially easy to connect Parcel2Go in our software. All you have to do is go to integrations page and select your carrier.

After doing that, the system will redirect you to the Parcel2Go website, where you will have to enter your account details and press log in. Now, Parcel2Go will ask your permission for Multiorders to manage your orders.

Press “yes, allow” and that is it! You will be redirected back to Multiorders page with the Parcel2Go integration already working.

Best Shipping Management Software For Online Sellers

Besides Parcel2Go shipping management for eBay sellers, our software lets merchants connect multiple shipping carriers for lowering the amount of expenses regarding shipping. Those include DPD UK, USPS, FedEx UK, Parcelforce and many others.

One of the best news for online merchants is USPS Commercial Plus Pricing, that they get without high monthly volume or USPS account. With this, every Multiorders user will get a 48% discount on shipping at all time despite of their pricing plan

Besides Parcel2Go, our software lets sellers connect multiple shipping carriers for lowering the amount of expenses regarding shipping.

In addition, our software is a great tool for other daily shipping management tasks. It lets sellers create, print and reprint shipping labels, also return forms and delivery notes. As soon as you choose your shipping carrier, your label will be ready in seconds.

Moreover, you will be able to choose from different label formats. Additionally, Multiorders offers bulk printing and the ability to create shipping label presets for easier task and time management.

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