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Merchanting goods online is an attractive career for people who value freedom. Not only do you get to choose the hours you work, but the amount as well. Of course, time and effort invested reflect on profits, but always having the option to work more (or less) is generally desirable. Especially by disciplined people, who handle control well. However, choosing a career rich in freedom doesn’t result in freedom just like that – you need to set it up. It requires proper online business management.

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Early days of ecommerce

When online shopping first began, only big companies would use automated solutions to speed up various processes. Companies paid huge amounts of money for such programs. They were built specifically for them. When the online marketplaces started flooding with SMEs, a universally applicable solution was in order.

These days, the time-saving luxury of such software isn’t just available to every merchant, it’s also in their best interest profit-wise. Of course, this statement holds water only when software is chosen correctly – bit more on that later.

Software for online business management

It’s confusing when people choose to be online merchants for freedom, but then decide to manually manage their business. The tedious, repetitive tasks end up enslaving them, which nullifies a core benefit of this career path.

Once the business starts gaining momentum, the cycle of ordering goods, keeping tabs on stock, shipping, labeling and such, becomes a major time sink. You’re stuck fulfilling orders or “cathing up” to your business. Instead, you could be researching new products, creating ad campaigns and moving your business forward however you see fit. Changes are due.

You’ve tamed technology to start a business. Now use it to maintain it.

How does software change online business management?

Software, like Multiorders, basically frees you from any and all tasks that do not require your judgement. Meaning, automating these processes does not negatively affect quality. Some examples:

  • Pre-filled purchase orders with fetched product quantities. Based on predetermined (easily adjustable) formulas.
  • Auto-updating stock quantities across all marketplace platforms (like eBay, Amazon or any others) after a purchase or restock happens.
  • Tools to adjust or remove product listings in bulk.

These are just a few of all the benefits you’d enjoy on a daily basis.

regular vs automated

Bottom line

In terms of cost and time-efficiency, software for online business management is almost as essential as the internet is for an online store. However, to make the most out of this upgrade, you must pick the right software provider. Multiorders has a lot to offer:

  • Unmatched prices for full feature access. Even the 14-day trial and the smallest package allows you to use every feature and benefit. Also, there are no hidden costs.
  • Easy to use across the board. Meaning, there are no complex features that could require staff training to make use of, which sadly is prominent amongst similar services.
  • Multiorders works with all the major ecommerce platforms, shopping cart services, shipping companies and other partners.

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