SOLVED: myHermes Shipping Management For Ebay 2019

SOLVED: myHermes Shipping Management For Ebay 2019

When you are thinking about how to optimize your workflow as an e-commerce seller, the first thing that should come to mind should be shipping. myHermes shipping management for eBay sellers can help you organize shipments and save time on daily administration tasks.

myHermes Shipping Management for ebay sellers

First of all, it is important to mention that choosing myHermes as your shipping carrier is a good solution for any eBay seller. It is now available in 4,500 locations. Hence, it is definitely a huge benefit for online merchants.

Furthermore, myHermes claims itself to be affordable and convenient for their customers. The reasons behind this are easily accessible locations and extended parcel pick-up times.

myHermes Shipping Management for eBay sellers

To start with, Multiorders is a shipping management software, where you can connect multiple online shops and shipping carriers. After doing that, you will be able to manage your shipments from all of your sales channels in one dashboard. It is a great to save time and achieve superb order fulfilment.

myHermes Shipping Management for ebay sellers

The way myHermes shipping management for ebay sellers works is super easy with Multiorders. First, add as many eBay accounts as you want, then integrate myHermes account. To connect myHermes you have to add it as one of your integrations and click connect.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to There, type the required information and press sign in. Then you will be redirected back to Multiorders with your myHermes integration already working!

Best Shipping Management Software

In addition, our software offers plenty of features regarding shipping management. These include printing labels directly from Multiorders.

You can create, print and reprint shipping labels with just a few clicks!

Just choose the order you want to ship, select the shipping carrier and Multiorders will take care of the rest. This will eliminate the necessity of manually copying and pasting information that is always a burden for sellers.

Moreover, Multiorders lets merchants print labels in bulk, create shipping label presets and even reduce shipping rates. You can do that by choosing to ship with multiple shipping carriers or pick USPS shipping. Multiorders users get a 48% discount on USPS shipping. You don’t even need to have high monthly volume or your own USPS account.

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