Multiorders – Your One And Only Inventory Manager

Multiorders - Your One And Only Inventory Manager

Choosing an inventory manager to aid you in business is no easy task. You basically have two choices – either hire a person or implement inventory management software. In this article we’ll analyse the latter option and focus on how Multiorders is different from other software providers. Let’s begin.

Multi-channel business Multiorders

All your marketplaces and shopping carts in one inventory manager

Utilize a variety of platforms to drastically increase sales volumes.

The point of selling on multiple platforms is to reach as many potential customers as possible. Of course, you might have to stock up on more products to keep up with the demand. But even with more to manage, it’ll be perfectly nice and tidy with Multiorders as your digital inventory manager.

Another key point about Multiorders is that it does not limit the amount of integrations you can have.

Amazon FBA and MCF

Amazon’s FBA and MCF

Optimize storage processes with Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) and Multichannel Fulfilment (MCF).

These are features that most competing inventory managers lock behind an additional cost. Meaning, you won’t be able to integrate it into your software by default. With Multiorders, every user gains access to all features, including Amazon FBA and MCF right off the bat.

It’s worth noting that MCF users gain access to Amazon’s fulfillment network, operational expertise and trusted shipping options for all their orders, from wherever they’re placed. That means they can offer customers one- and two-day shipping options, differentiating their products from competitors with speedy delivery. – Lorna Franklin

Even though these features may increase your storage costs, this is a bullet-proof way to build a good seller’s rating and rake in some positive reviews.

Keep in mind – this benefits you even if you’re not selling on Amazon. Not sure what this all means? Check out Amazon’s brief explanation.

USPS commercial plus pricing for everyone

Shipping carrier and USPS Commercial Plus

Present your customers with flexible shipping options and get discounts.

Shipping companies vary by many factors, two of which concern a merchant – cost and infrastructure. Some excel in international shipping, others focus on building a thorough local network. Picking the right carrier for the job is easy with Multiorders.

Also, as a bonus feature, our users ship with USPS at a discounted rate. Everyone gets Commercial Plus pricing by default. Often, this saves you between $0.5 and $1 on every package sent. Those numbers certainly add up over time!

Multiorders - Your One And Only Inventory Manager

The inventory manager itself

Fit all your business into a single dashboard. One, that automatically updates stock numbers, notifies you about products that are low on stock and automates all copy-and-paste processes. You can also adjust prices and quantities in bulk. To put it differently, Multiorders turns a merchant’s daily workout routine into a quick, light stroll.


You obviously get a rich set of features and benefits, which are all neatly wrapped in an easy-to-use interface as well. Although Multiorders costs a fraction of the market average (no hidden costs, too), don’t burden yourself with that just yet. Try Multiorders for free and decide in two weeks.

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