Multiorders update 1.0

Hello to our current and future customers!

Here at Multiorders we are constantly working to improve the quality of our services. Therefore, we want to keep our users in the loop and provide a list of updates that were made to the software to improve service quality, user experience and general functionality. While some of these are only minor bug fixes, every little bit contributes to making your order, inventory and shipping management as easy as possible. Below you will find a list of major feature additions and a list of bug fixes and minor tweaks for what shall be known as Multiorders update 1.0. From this point onwards we will release these update lists on a monthly basis.


These are the major feature additions for the current version:

  • Added Royal Mail OBA integration
  • Implemented advanced bundle functionality
  • Made inventory table customisable
  • Improved all around performance

The complete list of bug fixes and minor tweaks:

Inventory management –

  • Large .csv exports are sent to email
  • Improved eBay variation updates
  • Improved Etsy variation updates
  • Fixed issue with BigCommerce images
  • Improved ‘Low Stock’ reports
  • Made importing new eBay listings as quick as eBay allows it
  • Implemented inventory updates through .csv sheets to all channels
  • Implemented Mass inventory deletion
  • Fixed initial import issue for 3dCart
  • Fixed Amazon product title issue
  • Fixed an import issue for eBay products with only one variation
  • Fixed an issue with Amazon FBA item merging
  • Fixed an issue with exported item descriptions
  • Fixed an issue with Etsy variation SKUs

Shipping management –

  • Fixed the ‘print all’ button
  • Adjusted shipping label and invoice templates
  • Implemented additional fields to document settings
  • Adjusted shipping label designs for multiple customers
  • Improved customisable fields for shipping documents
  • Increased title length for items on PPI labels
  • Fixed an issue with order numbers when bulk shipping
  • Added ‘Company Name’ when shipping with Parcelforce
  • Improved Order shipping directly from your store
  • Fixed multiple issues with FedEx
  • Added a template for Packing lists


Order management –

  • Fixed eBay tax calculations
  • Updated order number format for eBay
  • Clicking outside of the order creation window doesn’t close it anymore
  • Added customer notes to orders from 3dCart
  • Improved manual order imports
  • Fixed an issue with merged order numbers
  • Implemented customisable Shopify order numbers
  • Added custom Shopify order properties
  • Added column settings for Amazon MCF order table


General updates –

  • Increased .csv file size limit
  • Improved connection to Bonanza
  • Fixed customer data exports
  • Minor UI tweaks
  • Updated detailed integration instructions
  • Fixed OpenCart 2.6 integration
  • Added Ukrainian currency to dashboard

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