Marketing ideas during Coronavirus

Marketing ideas during Coronavirus

Stay at home order brought many changes to shopping habits, which implements the need to make changes in your business management too. While most of your customers are spending more time at home, they are more willingly buying things online. That creates an opportunity to expand your business during the Coronavirus pandemic by using some new marketing ideas. We selected the five most important tips that will help your business thrive during this sensitive period.


Marketing ideas during the Coronavirus pandemic

Don’t panic!

It is okay to feel surprised about all the changes the pandemic has created, but it is essential not to lose your mind. Out of the rush and panic, people tend to make irrational decisions. First of all, you need to calm down and precisely analyze your future options.
People rush into decisions that are not logical. A good example is the toilet paper situation in the world. Everyone bought it so much like it is the only cure from the virus… Don’t be foolish and don’t let the massive panic put you in a position where you are just jumping on a bandwagon with your choices.


Go online and be seen!

The key thing – you need to make sure that your business can be found online. If you are a freshly made online seller, make sure that everything in your online store works fluently and you have a customer-friendly layout. These two things are essential when we are talking about customer experience.

Another thing – your position in the search results. Because of the rapidly booming online life, search traffic has grown significantly. These days we are all glued to our phones and computers, which already made some changes in SEO strategies. It is essential to follow the newest tips because anything that is selling online has the highest demand ever.


Use social media to connect with your customers

Stay at home order changed everyone’s activities in a way, where we need to keep social distance. However, people still need to communicate, and social media channels are the perfect way to do it. It means that your customers are now spending more time on social media, so you should do it too. It is essential to take all the possible advantages during the Coronavirus pandemic and use social media to spread your marketing ideas. Connect with your customers, share your opinion and news. Use social media marketing to tell them how your business is doing during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Make exceptions during this period

Quarantine paused travelling, shut down businesses and the changed economic behaviour has impacted everyone. Now is the best time to show support for your customers. These are hard times for all of us and showing your sympathy will affect your brand’s image in the future. Creating special discounts or offers will show your customers that you care. Promote these offers through newsletters or advertise them on social media.


Automate your business

As mentioned before, demand for shopping online is at an all time high, which means that more sales can be made. Of course, there are product categories that are more popular than others, but almost everything is being bought online more. That is why it is essential to improve your business management strategy. The best way to do it is by automating your order fulfilment process with the right software.

Let us introduce you to Multiorders – inventory, shipping and order management software. It is an irreplaceable tool that streamlines your business and allows you to fulfil orders many times faster.

With Multiorders you can connect all your sales channels and see all your orders in a single place. Also, you can fulfil any of them right from Multiorders with a few mouse-clicks. When you receive an order, click on the “Ship Order” button, choose the preferred shipping carrier and print a shipping label. Multiorders will automatically reduce your stock levels, change the order status and send the tracking number to your store. These are just a few of the many solutions that we can offer.

  • Low stock alerts
  • USPS Commercial Price shipping rates
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited staff accounts
  • Multichannel selling
  • Multiple shipping carriers
  • Bulk shipping
  • Automated inventory updates


…and many other features are available on any plan, even the free trial!

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