The best solution for Manomano shipping and inventory management

Connect Manomano and all other sales channels with multiple shipping carriers. Ship items, update order status, manage pricing and stock levels for all of your marketplaces. Bring your Manomano shipping and inventory management to a new level!

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Connect and manage Multiple-Manomano-accounts to Multiorders shipping management software

Multiple Manomano Accounts

Connect and manage all Your Manomano accounts from one place. You can print labels and ship orders in just a few clicks on all your Manomano accounts with multiple carriers.


Multiorders will automatically update Manomano with all of the shipping information, including tracking info. You can instantly update inventory levels and pricing across all your channels from Multiorders.

Ship Orders with multiple carriers

Smart Shipping

Minimize your shipping expenses with multiple carriers. You can integrate popular carriers like UPS, Parcel Force, Royal Mail, MyHermes, Parcel2Go, DPD, Fedex and Parcel2Go.

1Click label print solution for your ecommerce orders

1-Click Label

Print Labels for Manomano orders with one click. No longer waste your precious time copying address details one by one. Select Order -> Select Carrier -> Print Label.

Automate your ecommerce labels printing


Automatically update Manomano orders with shipping details (Tracking Code). No need for manual oversight as Multiorders will handle all tracking details.

Shipping carriers integrations Parcel2Go myHermes RoyalMail Parcelforce UPS Fedex USPS DPD of Multiorders shipping management software

Shipping Carriers

You can integrate all of your shipping accounts to Multiorders and reduce expenses by using multiple shipping carriers for your ecommerce orders. Multiorders have all of the most popular shipping integrations for ecommerce businesses like UPS, Parcel Force, Royal Mail, MyHermes, DPD UK, Fedex and Parcel2Go.

Connect all Sales Channels

You can connect every sales channel you have to Multiorders and manage shipments, stock levels and pricing from a single window. Multiorders is a time saving solution that supports all of the most popular integrations like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, WooCommerce, Manomano, SquareSpace, Etsy and many more.

Multiorders ecommerce integrations Ebay Amazon Shopify Magento WooCommerce Bonanza BigCommerce Etsy Manomano Houzz Newegg ecwid
Teamwork - assign orders to team members

Team Roles

Allocate your orders to individual team members, who will be informed about awaiting Manomano shipments by email. You can also leave notes for your team and limit their app functionality if necessary.

Multiple Warehouse management solution

Bundle / Kit Items

Bundle related items to form a single product. This offer business owners a great opportunity to sell more and manage your inventory effectively and accurately.

fba logo - manage your FBA MCF orders with Multiorders shipping management software

Amazon FBA and MCF

You can easily fulfil Manomano or other platforms orders with Amazon FBA stock. In other words you can use Multichannel Fulfilment by Amazon with MultiOrders. Also You will see Your FBA order stock on Multiorders.

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