Manomano inventory management

Want to improve your Manomano store’s inventory management? Use Multiorders and see how your business gets more efficient every day.

What are the benefits of Multiorders?

Automated inventory management

Multiorders can change your ManoMano shop’s inventory management. It automates your stock updates and prevents overselling.

Multiple shipping integrations

With our software, you have an opportunity to ship with almost whomever you want. Multiorders integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers.

ManoMano order fulfilment

ManoMano and different shipping carrier integrations allows Multiorders to create a shortcut between you and your customer.

Automated shipping

All Multiorders users can forget about manual time-draining tasks. The software automatically synchronizes all shipping details and tracking numbers.

Printing labels

When you choose the preferred shipping carrier in Multiorders, printing shipping labels in a matter of seconds. Choose from different templates, or ask for a custom one.

Reorder points

Easily add reorder points to each of your items and never miss backorders! Also, you can add as many suppliers as you need to simplify reordering.

Why do you need Multiorders?

With Multiorders everything is simple. As soon as you add your ManoMano shop to the system, you will see all your customers, items, orders and even get your daily reports. Also, multiple shipping carrier integrations allow you to automate order fulfilment. Click on the preferred shipping carriers and all the order details will be synchronized automatically! Also, when the shipping carrier provides a tracking number, Multiorders will automatically add it to your ManoMano shop.

What if you sell in more than the ManoMano shop?

If you are selling not only in ManoMano, but also use some other marketplaces, you should consider this opportunity. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels, so you can easily connect them. Despite how many channels you use, you can control them all from a single platform.

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