How To Manage Shipping For Online Store?

How To Manage Shipping For Online Store Multiorders

Understanding how to manage shipping for an online store can be a tough task to do, especially if you don’t know where to start. To begin with, you have to think about the selection of a shipping carrier and later, consider the optimization of your workflow. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to make the process easier, faster and more efficient!

manage shipping for online store

How to choose your shipping carrier

  • Examine your shipping destinations. Do you ship locally or internationally? Does the carrier ship to the destinations you need to? Moreover, you should think about the speed you expect from the shipping carrier.
  • Observe your products. Consider the size, materials, and number of goods. Also, you have to take into account if your product needs special handling.
  • Think about your abilities. Not only should you determine the price of the shipping service, which fits your budget, but also whether you have a warehouse to store your products.
  • Check for reliability. You have to carefully examine the reviews! This will reflect in more successful deliveries, which means more satisfied customers.

manage shipping for online store

How to manage shipping for an online store?

After choosing a shipping carrier for your online store, you should think about the next step – easier management.

With Multiorders shipping management software you can manage multiple shops in one place and you can use different shipping carriers.

A very useful feature is the ability to merge the orders in order to optimize the shipment flow. This gives you the freedom of selection and simplifies day to day shipment administration. Also, Multiorders is very helpful if you are dropshipping products. It lets you add dropshippers and redirect the orders to them.

Nonetheless, Multiorders shipping management software automatically updates your sales channel by tracking shipped goods. Using this software you will not only save time but also gain a competitive advantage among other sellers.

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