Main Requirements For An Inventory Management App

Main Requirements For An Inventory Management App Multiorders

Running an ecommerce business through an inventory management app has a lot of advantages. But what do you need in order to begin?

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Integrations in the inventory management app

There’s not much to do if there’s no store to manage the inventory for. You’ll need an account on an ecommerce platform or in a marketplace. Most solutions limit the number of accounts you can integrate.

However, there are exceptions like Multiorders, that don’t. So, if you’re looking to start strong – it’s certainly a good idea to make yourself at home on a few platforms.

Different platforms show best results for different products. Simply because customers naturally choose the marketplace where it’s easier to find what they’re looking for.

But it’s rarely the same marketplace for, say, handcrafted goods and the new iPhone. So, if you’re looking to sell goods from different categories, a matching selection of marketplaces or shopping carts is something to consider.

Multi-channel retailers that implement an effective diversification strategy will not only maximize reach but also sales opportunity. – Albert Ong

You also need to consider how every marketplace works internally. This is the case, because all platforms have varying navigation systems, layouts and most importantly – the search engine algorithm. As an example, you can check this article about search-optimizing your Amazon store.

Mobile friendly

Mobile and convenient

Our inventory management app is browser-based. Meaning, anytime you have an internet connection on a device with a browser – you have full access to manage your business.

While it’s surely a more fluid experience to manage your business through a computer, having the option to check up through your phone or tablet is convenient. The benefits of having mobile access to the inventory management app depends on the type of ecommerce business you run:

  • If you have physical inventory to ship from your workplace, there’s still plenty you can do on-the-go. Check reports, compare how your sales channels are doing, create a work schedule based off of existing order count and more.
  • If you have no physical inventory (dropshipping), you’re able to process orders right then and there. This is in addition to all the previously mentioned points.


As you can see, the requirements to run your business through an inventory management app are minimal. However, try it yourself to come clean of any doubt. Try Multiorders inventory management app for 14 days and see how helpful it can be.

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