Longterm E-Commerce Tricks to Grow Stable Sales 2018

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If you are reading this, then you already came up with an idea to become an online seller. Congratulations on deciding to create your own business! To greet you we decided to collect some tips for a successful e-commerce business. In this article, we will share Longterm e-commerce tricks to grow stable sales in 2018.

Top 10 tricks on how to grow stable sales 2018:

  1. Consistency
  2. Multiple social media
  3. Several shipping options
  4. Multiple selling channels
  5. Own Store
  6. Customer service
  7. Right payment options
  8. Content
  9. Beyond sales channel
  10. Less time on processing orders = More received orders


Of course, online sales are not as strict as architecture or robotics engineering. Nevertheless, it also requires a strict consistency in schedule and workflow. Imagine this – if you update your goods each Monday, your customers will start to expect new products by that time. Which additionally makes them check your e-shop each week. Furthermore, it maintains loyal customers and trust between you and users. As soon as you give up on it and become inconsistent, you will lose that loyalty. That is why consistency is an important tool to grow stable sales.

Multiple social media

Next step, to make that consistency visible, you have to create a marketing strategy. Despite your business size you have to create some kind of communication for your e-shop or brand name. Especially, if you are a drop-shipper you need to stand out from your competitors. The main focus is to work through multiple social media channels. This will really help you grow stable sales.

  • Build your audience. The day you start receiving orders, you somehow need to keep your customers loyal. One way is to collect their e-mail addresses and build referral traffic. That way you will build your audience within a few weeks. Also, it makes it easier to promote your products, and spend less on ads.
  • Broaden your social spectrum. Do not make a mistake by promoting your brand only through one social media platform. Many online sellers do that, so the opposite strategy might be your competitive advantage. Promoting your business on a wider range of social media platforms leads to a bigger reach and helps you grow stable sales.
  • Invest in ads. As soon as you start gaining profit, you should reinvest it. Make sure that your marketing strategy works, and don’t end it when the first orders start coming in. Invest more in Ads, because additionally, it will help you achieve a stronger presence.

Multiple sales channels

At first, you might feel comfortable working on one marketplace – one marketing strategy, one dashboard and clear management. Above all, it also limits your possibilities, and chances to grow stable sales. To avoid management struggles, you should consider using a software to automate your tasks. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels, so you can see all of your inventory and orders in one dashboard. What can this management software do?

  • Adjustable inventory – Multiorders created an adjustable inventory management system. In other words, you can change your stock-list, pricing or product description and it instantly appears on your website. There is no need to switch from one product to another. Multiorders created a single dashboard for all of your inventory.
  • Order fulfilment – Multiorders allows completing orders in a few clicks. Moreover, if you are a drop-shipper you can send invoices, purchase orders and payments from one place. Thus, you won’t need any additional books or sheets, all your data is on one website. Just with a few clicks you can inform your vendor and fulfil an order.

Benefits of having multiple sales channels:

  • Imagine this – selling through multiple channels, will make your brand recognisable. Those customers, who shop in different e-commerce platforms, will start to notice your goods and remember them.
  • Sales growth – More possible customers are reached – more possible sales are created. The best way to expand your business is to take more e-commerce field. Reach clients from different sales channels.
  • Profit calculator – Having all your orders and inventory in one dashboard allows you to track your profits and losses. See each sales channel’s performance and maximize profitability. In one dashboard – all sales, customers, inventory stock, sold units, etc. This information makes forecasting stock-levels and income a lot easier. So, creating a marketing strategy will be way easier.

Multiple shipping channels

You need to automate your business as much as possible and faster grow stable sales. To stop wasting your time on time-consuming tasks during a shipment, work through a management software. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular shipping companies. Which allows you to choose a different shipping carrier for each order. Simply click on your chosen one and Multiorders will do the rest.

  • Automated shipping. Automatically mark your order as dispatched on all marketplaces with tracking numbers. Because of all the shipping carrier integrations, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs the customer. That way, a wholesaler won’t need to check and update any shipping information.
  • Print labels. The Multiorders dashboard allows printing of Hermes labels in bulk for all your orders. Print and ship goods, which are sold from different sales channels.
  • One dashboard. Our management software allows you to fulfil orders faster with an automation system. Multiorders provides you with a single dashboard, where you can easily manage all your shipments.

to grow stable sales

Own store

Some online sellers do not sell only in marketplaces. Another way to do it is through your own e-shop. If you already have one, or still thinking about whether to open it or not, we will give you some advice. The most important things while having your own online store:

  • Visually appealing. Your entire store has to be visually appealing. The first thing your users will see is the homepage. It has to be attractive and tempting. Also, put as much product pictures as possible. Customers need to picture themselves with the product.
  • You need to be specific with your product categories. If customers feel confused, they won’t use your e-shop. It has to be comfortable to use, so clients can easily find exact products.
  • Shipping & returns. Make sure your policies on shipping and returns are clear and easy to find. Your customers need to be familiar with them before purchasing.

Customer service

Building a relationship with your customers is the most essential thing in the e-commerce business. It directly affects your profit and maintains your reputation. Online selling means that customers cannot physically touch or try your products. The only thing that they can trust is feedback or comments. For this reason, you have to create and keep a connection with each customer:

  • Talk to a customer. Write an email to each client individually right after their purchase. You need to talk to them, ask if everything is alright. That way, customers will feel appreciated and most likely leave positive feedback.
  • Stay in touch. Contact your shopper after two weeks from receiving an order. In other words, you need to catch up with a customer. Check whether they liked your product and ask for feedback. Not all of them will reply, but those who will, increase your reputation.

Right payment options

One of the most important things is to set the right payment gateway. It has to be a convenient way for customers to pay for your products. First of all, a payment gateway is an application for securely storing your payment requests to customers. Which also verifies each customer’s billing information, approves requests and verifies funds – to get you paid.

Before choosing your favourite bank, you need to decide how would you like to receive your payments. One way is direct to your bank account – simply charging your customers from their account to yours. Another – with a merchant account, which money will go into, instead of your personal bank account.  First one might look like an easier way, but the second one is often chosen by big companies.  One more option is integrated payment gateways – when customers do not have to leave your store to input payment information.


Online seller has to stand out from his competitors, and one way to do it – through convenience. The most efficient strategy is to create clear and interesting content. Try to interest your client, by writing about relevant topics.

  • One thing is that writing a Blog helps to easier communicate through social media. In other words, to share content, first, you have to create it. A blog is an easy form to attract more customers and to maintain their loyalty. If you are writing about relevant topics or urgent news, people will come to your website to read. Additionally, more visitors directly affect shopper numbers.
  • An online shop should definitely have their own FAQs page. The place where users can find answers to common questions. Also, you could answer them directly by sending a link to the FAQs page.

Beyond sales channels

Creating your own store is a big step for each online seller.  Which might instantly help to grow stable sales. Despite that, some of them are still guessing if it is worth all that struggle. If you are one of them, please read below, about all the benefits you will gain:

  • Stand out from the competition. It is easy to find similar products in one sales channel. Especially, if you are a reseller, then your competitors might even use the same product pictures. Usually, shoppers do not see any difference between similar online sellers. In addition to this, having a personal website will differentiate you from all competitors.
  • Control your business. As an online seller working with different sales channels, you have to obey their terms and policies. Having your own e-shop means creating your own rules. Multiorders also offers free tools – a privacy policy generator and a terms and conditions generator. So, create your own website in the most convenient way.
  • Customer base. Nearly all marketplaces do not allow to reach your customer information. In addition to this, you cannot create your clients’ database and get back to them. Working on your own lets you create a reward program for loyal customers or inform them about new products.

Less time on processing orders = More received orders

The most important thing is to manage in a time-efficient way to grow stable sales. Receiving many orders and fulfilling them might drain your time. The time-consuming tasks, such as – inventory management, shipping information, tracking numbers, printing labels. These tasks may affect your customer service and create delays. To help avoid these problems you should consider using an order management software. Multiorders automates all necessary online seller’s tasks:

  • Inventory management. As mentioned before, Multiorders allows you to control all orders in one dashboard. Having all data in one place it is easier to track your profits and losses. In Multiorders you can see all sold units, top customers, all sales, etc. Also, you can connect different sales channels, to grow stable sales.
  • Connect with other sales channels. Multiorders has integrations with nearly all marketplaces. To connect them, all you need to do is log in with your existing account. Now you can see all your orders in one dashboard. Control, ship and update through Multiorders.
  • Shipping & tracking. Multiorders also has integration with nearly all shipping companies. The most popular shipping carriers are ready to ship any order which comes from Multiorders. This way, a retailer does not have to search or go to any shipper’s website. It is a convenient way to ship and fulfil your orders. Even if you are using Amazon FBA storage, you can sell on Etsy. This function is called Amazon MCF and allows you to use Amazon stock, but sell on different marketplaces. Multiorders has the Amazon MCF integration which allows the arranging of that shipping method.


The answer to how to grow stable sales is to keep in mind that success starts from consistency in a business. Besides that, there are several other important things. Start working on your own and make your e-shop convenient for your customer. Think about content, sales channels, shipping carriers, customer service, marketing and payment options. Overall, you need to complete all these steps in a time-efficient manner. With the right tools, you can achieve the best results in a few weeks. Multiorders created a solution to fulfil all orders in one place. No matter where you sell and how many accounts you have. Adjustable inventory, all shipping carriers and auto-synced data will fulfil your orders with a few clicks. Multiorders – a cost-efficient way to boost your business.

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