Is It Possible To Create Shopify Multi Store?

Is It Possible To Create Shopify Multi Store Multiorders

First of all, it’s great that you’re considering opening another online shop. Expanding your business this way comes with its own set of challenges. However, they’re not hard to overcome with the right set of tools. Here, we’ll lay down the basics for setting up a Shopify multi store. Also, we’ll share a tip that will make managing your stores easy.

Connect and manage Multiple-Shopify-accounts to Multiorders shipping management software

Setting up a Shopify multi store

To clarify, if you’re opening a separate storefront, you’ll need a second Shopify account. This means you’ll have to pay for each store individually. For further detail on sharing the same domain, you can check this Shopify community forum thread.

Managing multiple inventories at once

Depending on your setup, managing a Shopify multi store is either a headache or a breeze. The unpleasant way is to do everything yourself. This means managing inventory with a couple of spreadsheets and templates you’ve prepared for each store. It’s definitely possible to handle the workload of two seperate inventories all by yourself. But it’s ineffective both cost- and time-wise. Therefore, ill-advised.

As a merchant, you should be looking to make your business as efficient as possible. This includes the value of your own time. The best way to go about this is to use software. Of course, any additional cost is unwelcome. And people instinctively avoid change.

Does Shopify Host Your Website? Multiorders

However, you have to put a value on your time. If the time you put in managing inventory (on average, around 2-3 hours a day) is worth more than $29 a month – this will be a change you’ll wish you’ve embraced immediately after becoming an online merchant. We’re talking about inventory management software. Namely, Multiorders.

Multiorders is a powerful set of multichannel inventory management tools. It automates all stock control, order management, shipping and other tasks related to ecommerce. You’ll control all your stores from a single dashboard. If you’d like more detail on what this software can do, head onto the feature page.

The previously mentioned price is the starting Multiorders package. It grants access to all of the features and you’re not limited by any means. Meaning, you can have unlimited unique products, team role sub-accounts and marketplace integrations.

The only way for the monthly price to go up is to exceed the number of orders received. Even then, the price growth is negligible. Feel free to compare us to competing services on GoodFirms.

How To Increase Shopify Sales In Your Store Multiorders


Expanding business by building a Shopify multi store is both exciting and challenging. But if you assemble the right team and equip them with the right tools – it can be a joyous ride. The Multiorders team will gladly have you over for a free two-week trial. You won’t even need your credit card.

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