Is A Free Order Management System Any Good?

Is A Free Order Management System Any Good Multiorders

Freeware could be a good temporary solution, if money is extremely tight. However, a free order management system is free for a reason. The level of features and benefits just can’t compare to paid services that had money put in into its production. Despite that, we’d like to provide a little more detail to this topic.

Using a free order management system

Often, it’ll have major setbacks that you’ll try to form your business around. For example, some free software allows you to use it indefinitely, but only manage 5 products.

If you exceed that number – you’ll have to start paying an increasing amount per month. Meaning you’ll probably slow your growth down at 5 products. Using a free order management system is a short-term solution at best.

Saving money is not always cost-efficient

As weird as it may sound – it is true. When it comes to the backbone software for your business – it’s not the most optimal place to start counting nickels. Especially when the prices are so low to begin with.

It’s wiser to just go with the long-term option. Even more so, when the professional, updated and top-shelf option starts at $37 for a small business per month. That’s nothing compared to how much it saves through proper task automation and various optimizations.

All the features are available for users of all tiers. This means you’ll never have to pay more just to get something you’re already paying for. Which, sadly, is a common trend among inventory software providers. Not Multiorders, though.

Compare a free order management system to Multiorders

At Multiorders, we have a two-week free trial. So, you can gain some first-hand experience and see whether it’s worth it by yourself. All while you run your business more efficiently. To have something to compare it to, you can skim through an article containing 6 free options.


A free order management system that fits your current needs exactly is not a long-term solution. Of course, you will save a buck here and there, but you’ll have to transfer your business onto another system just when your business meets growth. That’s when work starts taking more time than ever. That’s not the best time to change the backbone of your operations.

So, if you’re looking for a long-term profitable solution rather than a free one, give Multiorders a try.

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