SOLVED: Inventory Management For Shopify

SOLVED Inventory Management For Shopify Multiorders

Setting up your Shopify store is not enough to make your business work. Efficient inventory management for Shopify is a crucial part for achieving the best results. When you really think about it, the way you manage your goods reflects in the time frame you can fulfil your orders!

Inventory management for shopify

Why Do You Need Inventory Management?

  • Cut the time costs. When you set up a good inventory management technique for Shopify you will be able to cut the time costs trying to track everything through spreadsheets manually. Therefore, inventory management software can be an amazing tool for this task!
  • Reduce the chances of making a mistake. When you are trying to fix details in an item’s description it can not only take up time, but also increases the chances for you to make a mistake. Especially, if you are selling on multiple selling channels. Hence, cut the manual work and let software simplify your daily tasks.
  • Improve your order fulfilment. Without wasting time and effort you will definitely be able to make the order fulfilment process quicker. Just imagine having a system, where you don’t need to spend a lot of time looking for the item you want to ship!

Best Inventory Management Software for Shopify

In order to manage your inventory without any hassle, Multiorders is the software for you! With our software you can connect multiple shops and shipping carriers. These include not only Shopify, but also plenty of other marketplaces, shopping carts and shipping carriers.

eBay, Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, USPS, UPS, DPD UK are among the choices you can integrate as well. This way, you will be able to see all your inventory and orders in one place.

Inventory management for shopify
Best Ecommerce Inventory Management Software 2019 Multiorders

With the ability to see all your inventory in one dashboard comes a lot of benefits. One of them is that you can update your items straight from Multiorders. This feature is useful, because it eliminates the constant switching between online stores trying to edit the product’s details. Another great thing, is that you can search through your inventory easily.

Multiorders lets users filter through the items using price, quantity, store, supplier and many more.

In addition, an amazing solution for managing your inventory is the ability to merge and bundle products. These actions are specifically important for sellers who want to start selling multiple items in one package or one item throughout multiple channels.

Product bundling is super simple with our software. The best part is that Multiorders withholds the bundle from selling if at least one of the items is out of stock. Therefore, you can forget worrying about keeping track of your bundles and enjoy selling.

Moreover, product merging is also very easy to use with Multiorders. A great thing, is that when you merge your products, our software will update all of your sales channels about any adjustments and changes in stock.

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