Vend inventory management

Vend is an extraordinary way to manage your retail business, but we have a way to improve the e-commerce side of your business as well.

How can Multiorders benefit Vend?

Vend inventory management

Vend inventory management system is a great solution to control your physical stores, but connecting it with Multiorders also lets you easily control the online part of your business.

Multiple marketplaces

Multiorders allows you to connect Vend with all of the most popular sales channels, so you can expand your business without adding more work.

Vend shipping solution

Multiorders offers you a solution to improve your Vend inventory management, by adding shipping management to it.

Multiple shipping carriers

All of the most popular shipping carriers integrate with Multiorders, which means that you can fulfil your orders with any of them.

Vend shipping labels

Print different shipping labels for any of your Vend orders. Also, you can choose from different shipping label formats and get them in moments.

Vend and Shopify integration

If you want to connect Vend with Shopify, Multiorders is ready to help, because it has integrations for both systems so you can control these two stores as one.

Improved Vend inventory management

Vend users already know how beneficial this software is for their inventory management, but what they do not know is that it could still be improved. Basically, Vend creates a magnificent opportunity to simplify your daily tasks as a seller. You can control your physical stores, automate inventory, create product bundles and even connect some online stores.

But what if there is an online solution that can untie your hands even more? We would like to present you Multiorders inventory and shipping management software, which along with the Vend software, creates a new way to outperform any of your competitors. Using these two solutions together you can achieve new levels of automation and perfectly combine online and physical sales.

Multiple sales channels

Multiorders creates the perfect environment to expand your sales channels, or if you already practice multichannel selling, it is a way to manage everything more easily. Our software has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels to create a perfect workflow for any online seller. Moreover, if you thought that physical and online stores cannot be controlled in the same manner, we are here to prove it is just a myth.

Our software is a solution to connect an unlimited number of different sales channels despite if they are online or physical. While Vend is capable of taking care of your physical store’s order fulfilment, we can simplify all other channels. Apart from the Vend integration we also have Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Magento and many others.

How does it work?

All you need to do in order to start using this automated solution is to connect your marketplaces. Adding them usually takes just a few moments and it is a one-time connection. In other words, you will need to log into each store only once.

After you are done, you will be able to see all your products, orders, customers and performance reports in a single platform. Basically, you will be able to track and control multiple sales channels in the same manner as if you only had one.

The magic starts from your first order. Once you receive an order and start to fulfil it through Multiorders, the system will automatically reduce that item’s stock in all your marketplaces. Basically, it will automatically update your inventories in different channels. As a consequence, you do not have to go through all your marketplaces to update the information. Also, you will avoid backorders and accidentally running out of stock.

Multiorders created one more feature to avoid these two risks. The feature in question is reorder points. This tool allows you to set different limits for each of your items. When an item’s available stock reaches the set limit, the system will trigger a notification to alert you. In this case, you will always be up to speed with your real-time stock situation.

Once you see that you should reorder some of the items, Multiorders are here to help you. You can add multiple suppliers to our system to make your reorder process simpler and quicker. Just a few mouse clicks will help you reorder your inventory.

Vend shipping

Another great tool for all the Vend users is a shipping solution, including different shipping carriers, and label printing automation. Multiorders is a unique solution that leads sellers through their whole order fulfilment process. That is why creating a shipping solution was one of our main targets.

In the same manner, as we offer to simplify your inventory management, we can help you with shipping your Vend orders. Multiorders integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers, so our users can choose the most suitable one. All the options include quick label printing, automated tracking numbers and the best shipping rates for your Vend orders.

How does the shipment work?

Once you receive an order through Multiorders you can instantly fulfil it with any of our integrated shipping companies. All you need to do is to click on the preferred shipping carrier’s logo. This means that for each of your orders you can choose a different shipping company. Independent of your choice, all the shipping details, parcel measurements and customer’s contact details are automatically transferred.

Also, you will be able to print labels within seconds. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of different label templates, or even ask for a custom label, to get a unique format. Then, you can even choose to print several labels on the same sheet. These options allow us to fulfil any of our customers’ needs.

Furthermore, as soon as the shipping carrier provides us with the tracking number we will automatically add it to the marketplace, so your customer will be automatically notified. This way you won’t forget to add it manually and will need to constantly check neither the shipping carrier website nor the marketplace. Stop thinking about ways to improve your daily tasks and choose the software that can eliminate them by automating those processes.

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