Squarespace inventory management

Trying to figure out how to improve your Squarespace inventory management? Enough doubting, start acting! Look at how one software can take care of everything.

How does Multiorders improve your business?

Squarespace and other marketplaces inventory management

Multiorders is ready to collide Squarespace inventory management with any other of your stores, for instance, Amazon and allow you to use their fulfilment solution.

Reorder points

Improve your inventory management by setting reorder points for each of your items and avoid overselling and backorders.

Squarespace shipping integration

Multiorders also connects with all of the most popular shipping carriers, so you can easily choose with whom and how you would like to ship your orders.

Squarespace shipping labels

Despite which shipping carrier you choose to ship your Squarespace order, print shipping labels in seconds. Also, you can choose from different shipping label templates.

Squarespace Shopify integration

Multiorders integrates with Squarespace as well as with Shopify which means that you can control and manage these two channels as if they were one.

Tracking numbers

The system will automatically update tracking numbers, as soon as the shipping carrier provides them. Forget about working manually!

Squarespace inventory management with Multiorders

Did you ever think that fulfilling your Squarespace orders could be done more than four times faster and some of the fulfilment tasks could even be eliminated? Keep reading and we will introduce you to an irreplaceable helper for any eCommerce business.

First of all, you will need to connect your Squarespace store to the Multioders system and you will quickly see all your inventory, orders, customers and all other information associated with your store management. Multiorders allows you to take full control of your store and order fulfillment.

You will be charmed with the convenience of having all the necessary information right in front of you. In one website you will see all your orders, inventory, customers and a performance dashboard. In that dashboard, you can easily see your Top customers, Top products, monthly income and much more. Keeping track of your performance can help you in finding new ways to improve your business. Also, it is a better way to see how some strategies work and achieve efficiency faster.

What will you get from it?

One of the most important benefits is automation. For instance, when you get an order, Multiorders will automatically reduce your stock. That way you don’t have to worry about backorders or forgetting to mark sold items. Also, you can make crucial inventory changes, such as pricing and quantities, straight from the Multiorders dashboard.

The ability to set reorder points is one of the favourite benefits for the majority of Multiorders users. This tool allows sellers to set different reorder points for each of their items. When all is set up, the system will alert the user when the item’s quantity drops down to the set level. In this case, you can forget about backorders or running out of stock accidentally. Know what you have with Multiorders!

Another great feature is the ability to add as many suppliers as you need. Simply enter all the suppliers’ information and connect it to your inventory. As soon as your reorder points trigger low stock notifications, simply reorder that item by generating a prefilled purchase order and sending it to your supplier.

Squarespace shipping management with Multiorders

Multiorders not only improves your inventory management, but our software also makes printing labels and Squarespace shipping management much more efficient. In other words, Multiorders has multiple shipping carrier integrations, which creates an opportunity to ship your Squarespace orders with the most popular shipping carriers and use their best shipping rates. Let’s go over how you can benefit in each step of the process

Once you receive an order through Multiorders, you can take all the following actions to fulfil it using only one platform. To process it, you just need to choose the shipping carrier and click on their logo. All the necessary order information – parcel’s measurements and customer’s contact details will be transferred automatically. Which means that there is no need to go to your shipping carrier’s website and copy-paste the details.

When that is done you can print a shipping label and the system will automatically update order’s status in your Squarespace store. Also, before you print a shipping label, you can choose from many different templates or even ask for a custom one. Furthermore, you can choose to print multiple labels on the same sheet. Multiorders takes care that the labels can fit any of our user’s needs.

The key thing of our Squarespace shipping integration is an automated tracking system. As soon as the shipping carrier provides a tracking number, Multiorders will automatically add it to your Squarespace store. In this case, there is no need to do constant checkups on their website and you avoid the possibility to forget to add a tracking number. Multiorders makes sure that all the sales steps work perfectly.

Multichannel selling

All the benefits mentioned above don’t only apply to your Squarespace store. Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels. It means that the same advantages can be used for all of them. You can connect as many stores as you want to
Multiorders and control everything at once.

For instance, if you have a Squarespace store and plan to open a new one, for instance, through Shopify, there are no worries, because Multiorders integrates with them both. The same goes if you already have these two stores. Simply connect them in the Multiorders system.

Once you do that, you can control them as easily as you would only one store. On the same dashboard, you will see all your inventories, customers, orders and performance. Also, the system will automatically deduct your stock and update all of your stores. For example, if you sell an item on Squarespace, because of the integrations, the stock will be automatically deducted on both Shopify and Squarespace. Furthermore, you can change the prices in all your stores to be the same or adjust them separately.

One other important thing to mention is that if you want to use Amazon fulfilment services for your Squarespace orders, you can easily do it through Multiorders. Other than the Shopify and Squarespace integrations, we also have Amazon and many other sales channels. With integrations like Amazon, you can ship any of your orders (Squarespace, Bonanza, Shopify, etc.) by using their multi-channel fulfilment services. Basically, Multiorders connects many different eCommerce solutions and creates an opportunity to use them all at the same time.

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