Prestashop inventory management

Thought that your Prestashop inventory couldn’t be managed more easily? Learn how to do it with Multiorders - shipping and inventory management software.

How can Multiorders help you?

Prestashop marketplace

Among all the Multiorders integrations, Prestashop marketplace also takes its part, so you can easily control your store through our software.

Prestashop inventory management

Optimising your Prestashop inventory management is surprisingly easy with Multiorders and you can connect your store in a few seconds.

Multiple inventories

You can connect Prestashop and all other most popular sales channels in Multiorders and the software will automatically track your inventories.

Order merging

Multiorders automatically detects if you have multiple orders going to the same address and allows you to merge those orders.

Prestashop shipping

Our software integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers, so our users can ship their goods with any of them.

Prestashop shipping labels

Whichever shipping carrier you decide to choose, you can print shipping labels for your Prestashop orders in seconds.

Inventory management solution

Multiorders can automate many of the most popular sales channels, including Prestashop, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and others. But let’s get back to the others a little bit later. For those who use only Prestashop, Multiorders offers simplified shipping, improved inventory management and many other features.

Multiorders allows you to create product bundles and keeps track of the quantities for each of the components and the entire bundle. This way, you will avoid overselling more easily, and won’t get lost with your items. Moreover, we have the possibility to merge orders that allows you to ship multiple orders to the same addresses as a single shipment. This scenario helps reduce shipping costs and you won’t have to check shipping addresses manually to do this.

After each sale you make in a shop connected to Multiorders, it automatically reduces your stock. The same goes if you add more sales channels in this system. For instance, you can also add Shopify, eBay and Etsy. Then, when you sell an item in Prestashop, that item’s available quantity drops in all other sales channels. This is a really convenient way to not get lost among different stores and inventories. Also, it helps avoid creating backorders.

Prestashop shipping

As mentioned before, Multiorders integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers, which allows you, as a Multiorders user, to use any of them. By saying use, we also have in mind that you are allowed to use our special discounts and terms. For instance, every Multiorders user can ship their goods using USPS Commercial Plus pricing.

Once you receive an order through Multiorders, to proceed with it you will need to choose one of our shipping carrier integrations. To confirm it, you just need to click on the preferred shipping carrier’s logo. Then, all the necessary shipping details, such as parcel’s measurements and customer’s contact details will be automatically transferred to the chosen company. Right after choosing it, you will be able to print shipping labels for your Prestashop orders.

Also, when you ship orders through Multiorders, you won’t have to make any additional check-ups for the tracking information. As soon as the shipping carrier provides us with the tracking number, we will instantly add it to your Prestashop marketplace, or any other store that the order came from.

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