NewEgg inventory management

Multiorders offers you a new way of Newegg inventory management. Receive orders, ship items, complete your sales and see how your stock is automatically updated.

How can Multiorders improve your experience as a NewEgg seller?

Automated NewEgg inventory

NewEgg inventory management has never been as automated as it is with Multiorders. Forget about undone tasks or backorders!

NewEgg shipping

Fulfil your NewEgg orders with Multiorders and get the best shipping rates. Also, order fulfilment will take just a few seconds.

NewEgg order tracking

Don't worry about checking for updates from shipping carriers because Multiorders will automatically add tracking numbers to every order in your NewEgg store.

NewEgg and eBay integration

If you are thinking about starting to sell on eBay or already have shops in eBay and NewEgg, Multiorders is here to help with unlimited multi-channel integration.

Multi-channel selling

By having multiple sales channels integrations, the system is capable of connecting different stores in a single platform and allows you to control them all as one.

NewEgg store

Control your NewEgg store, fulfil orders with a few mouse clicks, track your store’s performance, connect other marketplaces - do it all with Multiorders.

Control your NewEgg store!

Multiorders is the perfect solution to increase the efficiency of your business which will save you a lot of time and money. Basically, our software is capable of shortening your order fulfilment process and taking a few tasks off your hands.

As soon as you receive your NewEgg order it quickly shows up in Multiorders dashboard. To process it, all you need to do is choose a shipping carrier. Not to mention that some of the choices include the best shipping rates. For instance, all Multiorders users instantly get USPS Commercial Plus pricing by default.

Once you choose your carrier, the parcel’s details are automatically synchronized with the preferred shipping company and you can print shipping labels in a few moments. Also, as soon as the shipping carrier provides a tracking number, Multiorders transfers it to NewEgg, so it could notify your customer.

Multiorders takes care of your NewEgg inventory management – automatically deducts stock levels and updates order status. If you sell in more than one store, after each sale the system will deduct your stock in every sales channel.

In this way, you can track your performance and eliminate the risk of overselling or creating backorders. Start using Multiorders now and watch how your business gets more and more efficient.

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