Magento inventory management

Integrate your Magento store into the Multiorders inventory management software and start using all of the best ecommerce perks immediately.

Why you should choose Multiorders

Magento inventory management

Multiorders inventory management software automates your Magento store’s stock levels, allows you to create product bundles, merge orders, easily resupply and more.

Magento shipping labels

Ship Magento orders with all of the most popular shipping carriers, reduce shipping costs and print labels within seconds!

Magento and Amazon integration

If you have a Magento store, as well as a shop on Amazon, you can add an integration for each of these stores in Multiorders and use Amazon FBA.

Magento and eBay integration

Multiorders is the perfect solution for selling on multiple sales channels, such as Magento, eBay and more, because we have an integration for each of the most popular marketplaces.

Magento UPS integration for shipping

Multiorders has integrations with both Magento and UPS. With the help of our software easily automate your shipping and see how we add all tracking numbers for you.

Magento and WordPress integration

With Multiorders, you can add a Magento integration to your WordPress website and enjoy your store as well as the publicity of your blog.

Want to run your Magento store like a professional?

If you want your business to be professional, you should take advantage of any possible opportunities that come your way. Adding an inventory management software to your toolkit could be the last step you need to take to become one of the top Magento sellers. Since there are a lot of them, we will go over each benefit of using Multiorders separately.

First of all, connecting your Magento store to Multiorders instantly improves your inventory management. Once you fulfil your order through Multiorders, the system will automatically update your stock levels and add a tracking number. Not only will it update order status, but you also have options like product bundling, adding multiple suppliers and multiple performance reports.

Magento product bundling

Multiorders provides you with an extraordinary solution to create your own product bundles. Selling kits helps clean up your inventory and improves your store’s performance. An even more important fact is that Multiorders inventory management software is directly connected with your Magento store. This means that as soon as you sell a bundle, each component’s stock will be automatically reduced. This way, you won’t misjudge the amount of bundles you can sell and avoid disputes with your customers.

Merge Magento orders

Have you ever been in a situation when you forget a single product, but remember it just after leaving the store? Chances are, that some of your customers might feel the exact same feeling when they just placed an order, so they will add another order for the missed item. For cases like this, Multiorders automatically detects if multiple orders have the same shipping address and allows you to merge those orders. In this way, you will instantly reduce shipping costs. Also, it will save you time, because it eliminates the need to manually search the same addresses. Stop wasting your time and automate your work!

How to use Magento Amazon integration?

Because of the Magento and Amazon integrations that Multiorders has, you can use both of their benefits and automate your inventory management. Basically, if you sell on both of these platforms, you can control them like one through Multiorders. Once you connect them to the system, you can see both inventories, all orders, customers and reports in a single dashboard.

Another key point is that if you sell an item in one store, the stock will be reduced on both of them. For instance, if you receive an order on Magento, the same item’s stock on Amazon will also be deducted automatically. In this manner, you won’t have to waste your time on running around from one store to another.

Also, it is the perfect solution for Amazon FBA users. If you already use Amazon fulfilment services or plan to start, Multiorders will complement your business model perfectly. We fully understand that some of our users might use this automated service, so we took care of integrating it. If you are using Amazon FBA and want to ship your Magento orders with this solution, Multiorders are here to help. Our software has a shipping option which includes multi-channel fulfilment by Amazon. To proceed with your order, simply click on either the Amazon FBA or Amazon MCF shipping method. In this way, Multiorders helps you manage your online store and Amazon fulfilment services take care of storage and shipping.

How does fulfilment work?

As mentioned before, once you connect your Magento store to Multiorders inventory management software, you can take full control of your store here. The main automation begins as soon as you receive your first order. You get notified about it in Multiorders (which means that no matter how many stores you add, you won’t have to constantly check them separately anymore) and within a few mouse clicks, you will complete it. To proceed with your order you will need to choose one of the many possible shipping carriers. As soon as you choose the preferred one, the software will finish fulfilment for you. Basically, it automatically transfers all the shipping details to your chosen shipping carrier and updates your stock. Then, you can choose one of the many shipping label templates for your Magento order and print it within seconds. Not to mention that you can choose to add more than one label on the same sheet. Also, when the shipping company provides a tracking number, the system will automatically add it to the right marketplace, so you won’t have to do it manually.

The integration between Magento and USPS

Multiorders not only has a USPS integration, but we also provide USPS Commercial Plus pricing for all our users, so you could fulfil your Magento orders cheaper. In other words, using this software will create an opportunity to use the best shipping rates. Usually, to get these USPS rates, you have to be a large enterprise with consistently high shipping volume. In this case, you can save money on shipping without any additional requirements. You can do it just because you use Multiorders!

Multiorders with Magento WordPress integration

There are a few different reasons to add a Magento integration to your website built on WordPress. The main purpose is to connect your blog and your shop. Usually, sellers have already created some kind of footprint on the Internet before starting their ecommerce business. The most common type of project is writing a blog. When you start selling online, forgetting or even worse, separating these two activities, would be a crucial mistake. That is why there is a convenient integration, that helps maintain your already active WordPress website by adding it as an extension to your Magento store.

If you have already used this option, you shouldn’t worry about how it will end up when you decide to use Multiorders. For our software, Magento stores with WordPress integrations won’t make any difference. That means that you can still use all the previously mentioned benefits, without any interferences. You are more than welcome to join our Multiorders software!

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