Houzz inventory management

Multiorders - a new way of managing your Houzz inventory. Automated order fulfillment & time-saving solution.

How can Multiorders help you?

Houzz shipping

Multiorders has multiple shipping integrations, so fulfil your Houzz orders by choosing one of them and see how the system will automate the whole shipment.

Print labels

Despite which shipping carrier you choose, you will be able to print labels within seconds. Also, you can choose from a variety of different label templates.

Shipping details

When you process your Houzz orders through Multiorders, all the shipping details are automatically synchronized with your chosen shipping carrier.

Houzz marketplace

Once you connect your Houzz marketplace to Multiorders dashboard you will be able to see all your inventory, customers, orders and get your performance reports.

Order fulfilment

Multiorders provides you with a simple solution to manage the whole order fulfilment by using only one system with multiple shipping options.

Houzz inventory management

Automate your Houzz inventory management with Multiorders and forget about reducing stock levels, checking when you need to reorder supplies and more.

How to work with Multiorders?

Using Multiorders inventory management software for your Houzz online store is easier than you can imagine, basically because you don’t have to install or download anything. All you need to do is a one-time connection. Add your login credentials and you are ready to go.

Once you connect your Houzz marketplace, you will be able to complete tasks like shipping, price changing, reordering and use other management tools. For instance, you can set reorder points to every item, easily reorder them and add multiple suppliers.

When you receive an order through Multiorders, all you need to do to proceed is to choose one of the multiple shipping carrier integrations. Then, click on the preferred shipping carrier’s logo and all your order’s shipping details will be automatically synchronized. Moreover, as soon as the carrier provides a tracking number, the system will update it on your Houzz marketplace automatically.

Our Houzz integration allows Multiorders to automate your stock, tracking numbers, shipping details and offer you other inventory management tools. Not to mention, that if you are selling on Houzz and other marketplaces you can simply add them all to Multiorders and manage them all as one!

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