Ecwid inventory management

Multiorders is that one missing tool to make your Ecwid inventory management the easiest part of your business.

How does Multiorders improve your business?

Ecwid store

Multiorders is an irreplaceable solution that connects your Ecwid store, different shipping carriers and many other sales channels in a single system.

Ecwid inventory management

Connect your Ecwid account to Mutiorders and enjoy automated inventory updates, set reorder points and reorder items easily.

Ecwid and other sales channels

Connect your Ecwid shop with any other sales channel to enjoy all the software features and automation between very different marketplaces.

Ecwid shipping

Automate your order fulfilment by shipping your orders with one of the many Multiorders shipping carrier integrations.

Ecwid shipping labels

Print any shipping label for your Ecwid orders in seconds! Also, there are different label formats and you can choose to print several labels on the same sheet.

Reorder items

Multiorder creates an easy way to reorder new items by adding different suppliers and setting different reorder points for each of your items.

Connect your Ecwid store!

Multiorders creates a perfect environment to connect your Ecwid store and other marketplaces or sales channels together. Our software by itself offers you an automated inventory management solution, shows performance reports and allows you to create product bundles. The system allows you to control Ecwid inventory and at the same time, it automatically manages some of the processes, such as inventory deduction.

However, you will see the biggest difference in controlling multiple stores at the same time. For example, if you have stores in Ecwid, Amazon and Magento you can connect them all to Multiorders. Then, when you sell an item in Ecwid, the inventory will be automatically deducted in Ecwid and Amazon with Magento as well. This feature protects Multiorders users from creating backorders or accidentally running out of stock.

Manage your Ecwid shipping

Multiorders also makes your shipping management effortless. It integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers, so our users could work with the most suitable ones. Also, you can print shipping labels for your Ecwid orders from any of our integrated companies.

Once you receive an order through Multiorders, you just need to click on the preferred shipping carrier’s logo to process it. All the information associated with your order (parcel’s measurements, customer contact details, etc.) will be automatically sent to the chosen shipping company. It means that all the unnecessary copy-paste tasks are absolutely eliminated and you won’t have to waste your time on them anymore.

Also, Multiorders automatically detects orders with the same shipping addresses, so before you proceed with your order you can merge those orders. This way, you will reduce shipping costs.

Moreover, some of the Multiorders integrations include the best pricing plans. For instance, all Multiorders users automatically get USPS Commercial Plus pricing by default. No matter how many shipments you do, you still can use their best pricing.

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