Bonanza Inventory & Shipping management

Multiorders is ready to get your Bonanza online store to the top of the marketplace. Let’s see how we can help you.

What do you get?

Bonanza marketplace automation

Multiorders improves your online store’s inventory management - automated Bonanza stock, marketplace performance reports, updated tracking numbers.

Multiple shipping options

Multiorders software is ready to not only improve your inventory management but also take care of your shipping.

Streamline selling on Bonanza

With our software, you can complete all your selling tasks and control your Bonanza store. Change pricing, add reorder points and much more.

Bonanza and Amazon

Multiorders also has an integration with Amazon, which means that you can use Amazon’s multi-channel fulfilment for your Bonanza orders.

Shopify and Bonanza integration

Besides integration with Bonanza, Multiorders also integrates with Shopify, which means that if you’re selling on both, you can control them as one.

Order fulfilment

Choose one of our many shipping carriers and easily complete your Bonanza orders! The system will automatically synchronize shipping details and add a tracking number.

Control your Bonanza online store

Multiorders is a convenient tool that is irreplaceable for anyone selling on Bonanza. In one software you can do it all – shipping, inventory management and performance tracking.

From the moment you connect your Bonanza store, all its information will be automatically synchronized with Multiorders. All the orders, inventory, customers’ details and your store’s performance will be shown in the system.

Once you receive an order through Multiorders, the fulfilment will only take a few mouse clicks. To ship it you need to choose the preferred shipping carrier and click on their logo. Then, the system will synchronize all your order’s details with the right shipping carrier. Also, when the tracking number is provided, Multiorders will automatically add it to Bonanza, so the marketplace can send an update to your customer. In this way, you can forget about constantly checking the shipping company’s information.

As soon as you sell an item on Bonanza, your stock will be reduced in Multiorders. Also, you can edit your inventory’s pricing and quantities. All these changes made in Multiorders will instantly show up in your Bonanza online store. Even more, you can check your performance reports, that show your Top customers, Top items, sales performance, etc.

What is more, you can set reorder points for any of your items. Simply set the minimum quantity for any of your items and when the stock reaches that number, the system will alert you about it. This way, you will avoid overselling or accidentally running out of stock. When you start using it, soon you will see how this feature improves your daily workflow and secures your reputation.

Multi-channel selling

One of the biggest benefits is how much Multiorders will simplify your multi-channel selling. If you have shops on Bonanza, Amazon and a Shopify online store, you can connect them together, because Multiorders integrates with each marketplace! Not to mention that despite these integrations, we also offer all the other most popular sales channels.

You can add as many online stores as you need and manage them all in the same way, as we have written about Bonanza. But the main benefit is that all your inventories will be synchronized. That means, when you sell something in Bonanza, your stock will automatically reduce in all other integrated stores, like Amazon and Shopify. That way, you won’t have to manually update your stock information or worry about creating backorders.

You can simplify management even further by changing the pricing for all your sales channels through the Multiorders dashboard. Because you have all your inventory in one place, it is easier to make changes and control it.

How to add Amazon products to Bonanza?

Let’s think about a different scenario where you already have an Amazon store but want to expand into the Bonanza marketplace. In this case, you need to find how to add Amazon products to Bonanza without creating all the listings manually. If you are a Multiorders user, the solution is very simple.

Multiorders offers you an easy way to extract all your Amazon inventory to a CSV sheet. Then, you can easily add that sheet to Bonanza and save a lot of time by not doing this exportation manually. No additional costs or requirements on this, it is just one of our many features.

We understand that many of our users sell through multiple sales channels. That is why we had to figure out how to help them. Connect your existing and new marketplaces and synchronize your inventories!

How to ship Bonanza orders?

As mentioned before, Multiorders is not only an inventory management software, but it can also complete your shipping and automate order fulfilment. Our software can offer many different shipping options, including Amazon FBA and MCF.

Multiorders integrates with all of the most popular shipping carriers, so our users have freedom of choice. Despite which shipping carrier they choose, all the automation is still guaranteed.

Once you receive an order through Multiorders, to process it, you only need to choose a shipping carrier. When you do it, the system will automatically transfer all the parcel details to the preferred company. To print the shipping label, you can choose from a variety of label templates and print them in seconds.

Also, it will automatically update your order status in the store where it was sold. Moreover, as soon as the shipping carrier provides a tracking number, Multiorders will automatically add it to the appropriate shop. That way, you will avoid constant check-ups and won’t be late with your tracking numbers.
Furthermore, each time you receive an order, you can choose with who you would like to ship it. In this manner, you can try all of the most popular shipping carriers and work with the ones you like the most. The same goes with the sales channels. Multiorders integrates not only with Bonanza, Shopify and Amazon, but it also offers you a wide range of different marketplaces, so if your business expands, we will be ready to help you! Try Multiorders now and unlock all the possibilities that we’ve created for you!

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