3dcart inventory management

Having your own online store has never been as easy as it is now with Multiorders. This is your shortcut to easier order management.

How can Multiorders help you?

3dcart inventory management

Automate your 3dcart inventory management with Multiorders and forget about all time-consuming tasks!

3dcart shipping management

Multiorders also takes care of your shipping. With multiple shipping carrier integrations it will professionally manage your 3dcart orders.

3dcart shipping label

Despite which shipping carrier you will choose, you can print their shipping labels within seconds. Multiorders also provide different shipping label templates for your 3dcart orders.

3dcart vs Shopify

Don’t compare 3dcart vs Shopify anymore! Multiorders integrates with them both, so you won’t have to choose. Just use both and manage them as one!

Performance reports

See your store’s real-time performance. Once you connect your store to Multiorders it will show your Top customers, Top items, revenue, purchases per hour and more.

Multiple integrations

Multiorders integrates with 3dcart, Shopify and many shipping carriers. You can also connect stores like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Ecwid and others.

How can you work with different sales channels?

The key point here is the multiple integrations that Multiorders has to offer you. Basically, the system is capable of maintaining and automating sales among different sales channels. In addition to this, it allows you to fulfil your orders more easily, despite their originating marketplace.

For instance, if you sell in 3dcart, Shopify, BigCommerce and Amazon, Multiorders allows you to manage all your inventory as you would do it in any one of these stores. When you connect them, you will see all your inventories, items, and orders (from all these stores) in the associated dashboards! When you want to check your entire inventory, simply click on the ”Inventory” dashboard. The same goes for the performance reports. Having everything in a single system, allows us to inform you about your top customers, show the most popular stores and extract other performance figures.

Automated solutions

Connecting everything in a single system opens a way for Multiorders to offer you automated solutions! For example, automatically updated inventory, pricing changes, automatically added tracking numbers, order status updates and more.

Once you sell an item through Multiorders the inventory for that particular item will be automatically reduced in every store that you added. In this way, you will avoid creating backorders and won’t miss any stock deductions. Also, you can set reorder points for each of your items, so the system will trigger a notification which alerts you when one of your products drops to the set level.

As mentioned before, Multiorders integrates with multiple shipping carriers, which allows us to offer you even more automation! When you receive an order, you can choose from the most popular shipping carriers and get the best shipping rates. Click on the preferred shipping carrier’s logo and the system will automatically transfer all the parcel’s and customer’s details. Also, when the shipping company provides the tracking number, Multiorders will automatically add it to the specific sales channel!

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