How to integrate Wix


Multiorders is proud to announce our latest sales channel integration with Wix, one of the largest website builder platforms in the world. From now on you can enjoy all the benefits that multichannel e-commerce brings without any of the hassle.

In this guide, we will cover the marketplace preparation, integration process and any nuances that you may encounter when integrating and using Wix with Multiorders.

Preparing your Wix Integration

There are a few general rules that you should keep in mind before integrating Wix to Multiorders.


It is highly recommended to set a unique SKU’s for each product variation in your Wix inventory. Multiorders uses this information to automatically merge your products with other connected sales channels like Amazon or eBay to keep your stocks in sync.

Wix allows you to use multiple different plugins to enhance your store. Some of them might be incompatible with Multiorders and could cause issues. If your store is modified through plugins that might change the internal structure of your store, we recommend contacting Multiorders customer support before adding the Multiorders integration to your Wix store.

Connecting Wix to Multiorders:
Step 1.

Go to your Wix admin panel and click on ‘Apps’.

Step 2.

Click on ‘App Market’ and enter Multiorders in the search bar on the top right.

Step 3.

Click on ‘+Add’ on the search result

Step 4.

A new tab will open and you will be asked to grant Multiorders the permissions to access your Wix inventory and orders. Click on ‘Allow and Install’.

Step 5.

You will be redirected to the Multiorders registration page. If you already have a Multiorders account, click on the ‘Log In’ button at the bottom and simply sign in. Otherwise, fill out your details and create a new account with Multiorders.

Your Wix integration has been connected and is importing your inventory. You can see the progress by going to ‘Integrations’ on the top right.

Important Wix Integration Notes
Inventory Management

There are a few key differences between managing your Wix inventory in Multiorders and managing inventory from other platforms. You can find the general tips in our article about the Top tips for using Multiorders. However, there are specific things to keep in mind when using Wix.

Modifying stock levels

Although already mentioned in the article about our top tips, this one is extremely important. You can only change your stock quantities through Multiorders after adding your integration. Multiorders ignores all stock level changes made in your store and will overwrite those values with what is set in our system. This is put in place due to multiple different limitations from other platforms and significantly lowers the risk of messing up inventory levels and overselling.

Multichannel selling

If you sell the same products in multiple stores, you can merge the items together and keep their stock in sync. This way, when you sell an item in one store, all other stores will be updated with new available quantities and you will never sell an item you don’t have. You can read about how it works and how to set everything up in the article about our new way to merge inventory.

Managing products with untracked stock

Wix gives you the option to always keep your products in stock and not show the exact amount you have left in stock. Other marketplaces don’t have this option, so for you to be able to work with every other platform, each product that has no tracked stock is assigned with a default value of 88 in the Total field. We also assign a minimum and maximum allowed values of 10 and 100 respectively for each item.

When you first sign up, these columns are not displayed by default in your inventory so you need to enable them. You can do this by clicking on the ‘Column’ button on the top left of your inventory screen and checking the box next to ‘Allowed Stock’.

You can also see these figures when you click on any product and go to the product page. What is the purpose of this? Because of the way most marketplaces work, we need to send a value to your store for each product’s Total quantity. The Minimum allowed value means that even if your product total goes far below 0, we will still tell Wix and every other marketplace merged to it that you have 10 units of the item and it will always stay in stock.


The Maximum allowed value was added to make everything more organised and means that no matter how many items you have in stock, be it 500 or actual infinity, we will always tell your stores that you have 100. You can change these figures at any point, but we recommend keeping them above 0 for your products to always be available for sale.

Order Management

When unpaid orders are placed on your Wix store, no stock is reserved, you will see that that happens on Multiorders as well. If your customer manages to resolve the issue with their payment and the order updates to Paid on Wix, Multiorders will update the order in our system and deduct the amount of stock attached to the updated order.


Please note that orders placed on Wix will appear in your Multiorders store almost immediately. This is not the case with other marketplace integrations which take around 10-15 minutes for your orders and inventory to be synced in.

Multiorders has a lot more features to offer. You can learn about them on our Youtube channel, by booking a live demo where one of our team members will give you a call, share their screen and walk you through how the software works. If you have any other questions, always feel free to ask them in the live chat.


Multiorders would like to welcome you onboard and we hope you enjoy using our software.

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