How to integrate OpenCart

Step 1.

Download Multiorders plug-in here.

Step 2.

Access your websites files either via software like FileZila or directly through Cpanel. In this example we’re using Cpanel. Once you log in, either navigate to top most level or /public_html and press Upload.

Step 3.

Select the plugin you downloaded in step 1 and upload.

Step 4.

Find the uploaded plugin zip in your browser and extract. This will now create a folder with the same name as the plugin file.

Step 5.

Keep going deeper into the now created folder until you find a folder name “modules”. Press once on the folder, then in your FTP/Cpanel management settings choose Move and type in the the path /public_html/ (include the slashes // from example) and press Move files. This would have now moved the required plugin files to the appropriate place and you can close your FTP/Cpanel and return to your OpenCart store.

Step 6.

Log into your websites admin panel.

Step 7.

Now go to Extensions -> Extensions. And from the dropdown select Modules.

Step 8.

Scroll until you Multiorders and press “Edit”.

Step 9.

Copy and Paste User Id and Secret so that you could paste it into Multiorders integration page.

Step 10.

Paste the the User Id and Secret into your Multiorders integration and press “Connect”.

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