How To Use Computerised Stock Control?

How To Use Computerised Stock Control Multiorders

Automating your e-commerce business management processes is quickly becoming the norm. And for a good reason. It’s much more efficient, both cost- and time-wise. So, let’s talk about computerized stock control, or simply put – software.

Computerised stock control

Computerized stock control

There’s a lot of computerized stock control software to choose from. Within that variety, you can pick anything from the most simple to highly customizable.

Complex and customizable software is targeted towards the largest companies. They often require either a personalized or a universal, yet flexible solution. Even though customization sounds great, it comes at a cost.

Not only is this option more expensive, but you need to know what to do with it. In other words, it’s certainly not the first software you should use. Even if you’re a seasoned programmer who’s putting their store together on their own.

However, for the vast majority of SMEs, simple solutions work best. They’re easy to use to their full potential. Since there’s little unnecessary customization, the set up is real quick. Also, they’re much cheaper.

Keep in mind, simple does not mean less powerful. If you’re after computerized stock control to free yourself from mundane tasks – it’ll do that perfectly.

We’d like to introduce our preferred software. It has to be one of the most simple, yet powerful tools around.

Multiorders inventory management software


Multiorders, simply put, is a dashboard that ties together your entire e-commerce business. Think of it as the link that connects all sales channels, shipping carriers, suppliers and more. All you need to do is integrate your Amazon, Shopify and other accounts into it.

It’s an online solution. Meaning, you’ll have many automatic features like cross-channel stock updates, shipment tracking set up and pre-filled purchase orders. All of that with very little initial setup. Of course, we could go through all of the features, but they’re already explained perfectly on the features page.

All Multiorders users get full feature access right off the bat. This means you’ll never have to pay extra to add a sales channel or an employee account. We don’t limit use. The only difference between price plans is the order count and the number of products you sell. Meaning, you pay a little more if your business is growing and receiving more orders. However, the pricing is just a fraction of the market average.

Their onboarding course was spectacular. For someone who’s never used a software like this, I was reluctant to try it at all, but they guided me through every step. If I still manage to get stuck somewhere their support team can be reached any time and always provides helpful tips. – Samuel Wright

Make your business much easier with Multiorders


Computerized stock control is a very smart and valuable upgrade for any e-commerce business. If you’re not already using inventory software – you certainly should. Preferably, you should trial Multiorders and see for yourself how it can benefit you.

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