How To Setup Shopify Payments For Your Store

How To Setup Shopify Payments For Your Store Multiorders

Shopify Payments is a service offered by Shopify to act as a payment gateway for your payments from your Shopify dashboard. This means you don’t need to employ other gateways for payment like Paypal, Stripe, etc. Even though they are not mandatory, Shopify still provides the feature to use them as optional gateways. Shopify Payments also waives your transaction fees. You can setup Shopify Payments easily, but keep in mind that the feature is only available in selected countries.

Setup Shopify Payments Multiorders


Shopify Payments is currently available in Australia, Canada, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States (not available in U.S. territories except Puerto Rico). However, it is necessary to note that Shopify Payments is not available for all products and services in the supported countries. Make sure to check with Shopify which business or services are prohibited in your country. You can check Shopify’s terms of service for more details on this.


How to setup Shopify payments


Shop owners can setup Shopify Payments from their dashboard. However, it is important to note that only the account owner can do this. But, it is possible to do it either from your computer or smartphone.


To set up Shopify payments:


  • First log in to your Shopify dashboard ( If you’re using it on your smartphone, just open the app and go to settings)


  • Then go to Settings and select Payment providers (If it’s your smartphone, go to Payments).


  • Select the Add a provider option from the Accept payments section.


  • Select Shopify payments as the provider and then press Continue.


  • Under the Shopify Payments section, select complete account set up.


  • Fill in your store details and also your bank details in the fields provided.


  • Finally, press Complete account setup.


Once you complete this, your Shopify Payments account is active. It takes care of all your transactions unless the customer uses another gateway to make payments.


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