How To Refund An Order In BigCommerce?

How To Refund An Order In BigCommerce Multiorders

It is possible to refund an order in BigCommerce. You can either refund an entire order or just a part of it depending on the request. However, make sure to check what payment gateways BigCommerce supports to refund an order.

refund an order in BigCommerce Multiorders

How to refund an order in BigCommerce


To refund an order in BigCommerce, first, go to Orders and then click on View. From here, find the order you need to refund, select Action and click on Refund. At this point, you have two options you can choose from: Refund order and Confirm order.


Refund order

Under refund order, you can check who needs a refund, all the items in an order and the products that qualify for refund.


The first section is the customer details. This contains all the data that the customer provides during order placement. Name, shipping address, billing address, contact details, etc. There is also another important field in this section called Refund rate. This shows how many refunds the customer has requested recently. This way you can check if the customer is exploiting refunds.


The second section contains a summary of the order. It contains details such as order content, placement date, order status, shipping costs, etc.


The third section shows all the products that you are able to refund. From here, you can choose if you wish to refund only a few products in an order (a partial refund) or refund the entire order. There is also an option to make custom value refunds. Find the product or order you wish to refund. Then enter the quantity and press Continue.


Confirm refund


Once you have chosen the type and quantity for a refund, you can proceed to Confirm Refund. Here, you can have a final preview of the refund before proceeding to process it. Also, there is a section where you can choose how you wish to refund – credit card, debit card, store credit, etc. Depending on the refund method, it can take up to 10 business days for the customer to get the reimbursement.


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