How To Print USPS Shipping Labels Online With Multiorders

How To Print USPS Shipping Labels Online With Multiorders

Besides figuring out which sales channels, will fulfil your brand’s needs, you need to choose a trustful shipping carrier. To avoid any misunderstandings many online sellers choose to use USPS, which has 157.3 million delivery points nationwide. That is why it is one of the most commonly chosen shipping carriers. After you choose  the sales channel and shipping company most suitabel for your business, there are many time-draining tasks ahead, such as inventory management, customer service and of course, shipment. To simplify, you should know about other options, for example, automating your shipping or bulk label printing. For this reason, we decided to write about how to print USPS shipping labels online with Multiorders.



As mentioned before, many online sellers use USPS to fulfil their orders. If you are asking yourself why – just keep reading. USPS is one of the oldest and the most trustful shipping carriers. Also, they are focusing on creating a low-cost service and does not add surcharges to the base price for residential delivery. USPS provides estimated delivery dates based on time zones. A perfect point-to-point tracking system allows your customer to trust you and your shipping carrier – USPS.

Print USPS Shipping Labels

How to print USPS labels?


Despite the fact that USPS has created a perfect workflow for their delivery process, you still need to better manage your own time. Usually, printing labels has only a few simple steps. Such as – paying for your delivery, printing a label, packaging and scheduling a pickup. Meanwhile, you have to deal with your customer service, inventory management and stock updates. Now, imagine that you are receiving multiple orders at once and you need to go through these tasks as quickly as possible. Exact same steps, for a thousand times. Obviously, you need to find a solution for this kind of labor. Multiorders shipping management software is the tool which helps you achieve your goals faster.

Multiorders allows label printing and shipping of goods, which are sold from different sales channels. In other words, it has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels and shipping carriers, which allows you to fulfil orders and print USPS shipping labels with a few clicks. What does it do?


  • Creates a single dashboard
  • Connects all sales channels
  • Inventory management
  • Automated shipment


One dashboard

Multiorders shipping management software helps you to fulfil orders faster with an automation system. It provides you with a single dashboard, where you can easily manage all your shipments. Forget about the endless struggle of processing each parcel separately.

print USPS shipping labels

Connect many sales channels

As mentioned before Multiorders has integrations with all of the most popular sales channels, so you could fulfil orders with USPS, despite their originating marketplace. Ship items in bulk! No more time-draining tasks on managing each parcel separately. All order data is auto-synced, so shipping takes only a few seconds.

print USPS shipping labels


Inventory management

Keeping in mind that Multiorders has all those sales channels integrations it also allows you to control all your inventory at once. The system has an adjustable inventory solution, so it eliminates the need for switching from one account to another. In other words, all changes you make in will instantly appear in each marketplace. The most time-efficient way to modify stock-levels, pricing, etc.

print USPS shipping labels


Automated shipment

The most important thing, is that Multiorders automates the whole shipment process. As soon as you receive an order automatically mark it as dispatched on all marketplaces with tracking numbers. Because of USPS shipping integration, the system automatically adds tracking information to each marketplace and additionally informs the customer. That way, an online seller won’t need to check or update any shipping information. In the same way, print USPS shipping labels in the easiest way, it will take just a few clicks!

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