How To Prepare Your Online Store For Father’s Day Shopping

How To Prepare Your Online Store For Father's Day Shopping Multiorders

Father’s day is one of the most important days in the world. However, businesses often forget to use this celebration in their favor. Father’s day derived from Catholics back in the middle ages. It was created to honour fatherhood and the influence that fathers had on society. Though it used to be celebrated in March, nowadays it shifted and is celebrated in March, April or June. It all depends on the country and the continent. Keep this in mind when preparing for the Father’s day shopping!

We will help you put the focus on three key aspects of the preparation for success.

Three ways to prepare for father’s day shopping

Keep in mind, that these points should be combined with your general marketing strategy and planned in advance.

Know the date of Father’s day. If you sell to multiple countries, make sure you know when is it and start the campaign early on. It is prevalent to forget the fact, that father’s day is not the same day across the globe. Therefore prepare for each country separately.

You don’t need to create a whole new campaign for each target market. Though you can group those, who celebrate at the same time and target only the countries that are relevant at the time.

Increase sales by bundling products

Bundle products. To make your Father’s day shopping more profitable, create product bundles. Make sure that the bundle targets dads and includes what they need. In a fast-moving environment, people prefer to buy bundles to make it more convenient.

Moreover, if you are using Multiorders inventory management software, it will help you automatically update product bundles. Whenever one of the bundled items goes out of stock, Multiorders will automatically mark the whole bundle as out of stock. Therefore, no unhappy customers!

Celebrate with customer customers loyalty

Giveaway. After you have performed the two previous steps, you need to attract attention. There is no better way than running a contest or doing a giveaway. You can get new page likes and expand your campaign reach by doing this. Just make sure to engage the participants.

Encourage them to share a photo or a funny story related to their fathers. Give your audience a chance to engage with each other and help you do the job.

All in all, it is essential to acknowledge and use every opportunity you can to promote your business and get closer to the audience. Create emotional attachment by using little celebrations and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

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