How To Manage WooCommerce Stock?

How To Manage WooCommerce Stock Multiorders

Usually, e-commerce seems like a very promising and easy way to run your own business. It looks like all you have to do is choose a sales channel and a shipping carrier. However, there is a lot more work involved than it first seems. You need to fulfil each of your orders precisely and know how to manage WooCommerce stock.

manage WooCommerce stock

When do you have to manage WooCommerce stock?

If you already understand why it is important then you should know when is the best time to do it. We are categorical about it – modify your stock each time you sell. Basically, each sold product changes your stock levels, so you have to manage it instantly.

However, you don’t necessarily have to do it manually. There are automation solutions that can do it for you. Let us introduce you to Multiorders inventory management software. This system can automatically update your stock levels and shipping details (tracking number, order status).

This system can automatically update your stock levels and shipping details (tracking number, order status)

Overselling is one of the biggest threats that catches you when you do not take care of your stock properly. In other words, when you do not check your stock levels each time you sell a product, you can easily miss when inventory is running low.


How to manage WooCommerce stock?

As mentioned before, you can manage your stock, by adding very little effort to it. Basically, you just need to use the right tool – Multiorders software. When you fulfil your orders through this software, it will auto-update stock levels and order status. The whole fulfilment process takes only a few clicks.

As soon as you receive an order, click on your preferred shipping carrier’s logo and get labels printed in seconds. Also, you are able to set your own reorder points, that will help you keep proper quantities in stock and avoid overselling.


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