How To Manage WooCommerce Orders?

How To Manage WooCommerce Orders Multiorders

Every seller wants to gain more profit, which inherently means receiving more orders. However, getting a new order doesn’t mean that the profit will slip into your pocket just like that. At first, you have to fulfil it properly to satisfy your customer. At this point, many sellers want to find out how to manage WooCommerce orders in the best manner.

manage woocommerce orders


Basically, there is a solution that requires very little effort from you to fulfil orders

How to manage WooCommerce orders?

The most effective way to manage WooCommerce orders is to remove as much human interaction as possible. Basically, there is a solution that requires very little effort from you to fulfil orders. All you need to do after receiving the order is to click on your chosen shipping carrier’s logo!

Here we are of course talking about Multiorders inventory management software. This is a solution that is capable of connecting shipping carriers, sales channels, accounting and marketing into a single system. With the help of Multiorders you can connect your WooCommerce store and manage orders with just a few mouse clicks.

Why this option?

As mentioned before, Multiorders has integrations that can help you in any step of your sale. It integrates with most shipping carriers, MailChimp and Xero. That allows you to fulfil your WooCommerce orders quickly and efficiently. The very reasonable pricing also makes it the most cost-effective solution currently available on the market.

How to manage WooCommerce orders with Multiorders?

As soon as you connect your WooCommerce store, you can fully control it through Multiorders. In other words, it has a consolidated inventory management system, which means, that all the changes that you make in Multiorders will instantly show up in your WooCommerce store as well as any other marketplace or e-commerce platform you choose to work with. This way you don’t have to worry about doing the same work multiple times for each different platform.

The main benefit is quick order fulfilment. When you receive a WooCommerce order through Multiorders, in order to fulfil it you will need to simply click on your preferred shipping company’s logo. Then, the system will automatically generate all the necessary information and you will get labels printed in seconds. Also, it will auto-update order status and automatically add a tracking number.

Basically, Multiorders users do not have to deal with any time-consuming fulfilment steps. All they need to do is choose a suitable shipping carrier. Afterwards, the system automatically completes your order and updates your stock-levels.

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