How To Manage Multiple Inventories With Shopify?

How To Manage Multiple Inventories With Shopify Multiorders

Whether you’re looking to open a second Shopify shop or found yourself working extreme hours to manage multiple inventories with Shopify, you’ll be glad to know there’s an easy solution to your problems.

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Why have multiple Shopify accounts?

Currently, Shopify does not allow you to create multiple shops on the same account. If the products you’re selling are from totally different categories (say, clothing and stationery supplies), it’s better to have two individual shops. Hence, requiring two Shopify accounts. The shops can be set up under the same domain. If interested, check this Shopify forum thread for further details. Despite this inconvenience, there is a way to manage multiple inventories with Shopify at once.

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How to manage multiple inventories with Shopify at once?

You can manage multiple inventories with Shopify, but you’ll need inventory management software, such as Multiorders. However, if you’re not already using inventory management software, this is a blessing in disguise. The reason some merchants don’t use inventory management software is that they’re unaware of the perks. More on them shortly.

Once you integrate both your accounts into Multiorders, they’ll share a single dashboard for all your inventory needs. Whether the products are shared between the accounts or separate, makes no difference in managing them. However, if the same product appears on several shops, it’s advised to raise safety stock. After all, a lost sale due to being out of stock is worse than no sale at all.

Also, don’t feel limited to just two Shopify accounts for your business. Multiorders draws no lines here. You’re welcome to join all the sales channels you desire. Of course, each platform requires you to spend some extra time. Still, we can assure you inventory won’t be an issue. Keep in mind that such business expansions tend to considerably increase profits.

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Why use inventory management software?

Multiorders will automate all inventory-related tasks. Even though you’ll still have to physically pack and ship goods yourself, there’s very little else that will continue to burden you. As a matter of fact, you can automate the physical part as well with Amazon’s FBA / MCF services. It works with Multiorders, too.

To avoid dragging this article on, we’ll provide you with a link to a full list of features. From there on, you’ll pick whichever benefit you’d like to hear more about. However, we’d like to point out that all features are available to every user. You’ll never have to shake your pockets just to unlock an additional feature.

There’s a two-week trial in place. Don’t be afraid to like it – the price afterwards is laughable. Especially when compared to those of competitors. It’s quick and easy to set it up, as well. Therefore, you can start to simultaneously manage multiple inventories with Shopify within the hour. We’re sure you have more important tasks than copy-pasting shipping addresses – we’re ready to provide you with the time.

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