SOLUTION: How To Manage Etsy Inventory 2019

SOLUTION How To Manage Etsy Inventory Multiorders

Obviously, inventory management is a very important aspect of any business. If you can effectively track your inventory, then you will have less unhappy customers and less errors to solve. Undoubtedly, the best software to manage Etsy inventory is Multiorders. It is designed for every need of a business and can easily help you fulfil all of your requirements. Here is how you can start managing Etsy inventory with it:


1.Log in to your Multiorders account.


Login Screenshot Multiorders


2.Click on the Inventory tab. There you will see four options: Simple, Configurable, Merged and Bundled. By default the Simple tab will open.


Inventory Simple Configurable Merged Bundled Multiorders



Inventory tabs and their purpose




Under this tab you will see all of your products. If you add more than one shop, all products from all stores will be here. You can search for a product using the search box by SKU or title. Here you can also import or export products.

Here, you will be able to change the price and available quantity, add categories and tags. The changes you make in Multiorders will instantly reflect in your store.

Here you will also get the low stock alerts – the quantity of products running low will be highlighted in red. When you see that a product is low on stock, you can create a Purchase Order (PO) by following these steps:


1)Click on the Purchases tab.


Click Purchases Tab Multiorders


2)On the right you will see the Create PO button. Click on it.


Create Purchase Order Button Multiorders


3)A pop up window will appear. Fill in the details of the products you need and click Raise Order.


Raise Order Button Multiorders


When you receive the goods you can automatically update your stock in all stores.




This tab contains your products that include variations. These variations can be different sizes, colors, materials, shapes and anything else that makes a product customizable.


Unlike the products that appear in the “Simple” tab, you cannot adjust quantities or prices directly from the table. In order to make changes, you need to click on the product you want to change and adjust any parameters from inside that product.




Here you will see products which you have merged. This means that if you add more than one shop and you sell the same product with the same SKU’s in multiple stores, it can be merged together.


In Multiorders inventory management software you will see it as one product and the total quantity will always be the same across every store. If someone buys a product from one of your shops, then the other shop’s inventory will automatically update.




Bundled products will show the products that consist of other products, thus making them bundles. For example, if you sell three necklaces as separate products, but want to bundle them into a jewelry set, the set will show up in this tab.


When products are bundled together, if one component runs out of stock then the bundle will also automatically become out of stock. This feature is especially useful when you have more than one store and multiple bundles.


In this case you do not need to worry about selling to your customers what you do not have and disappointing them because of it.


Manage Etsy inventory like a pro


By using all of these features you will greatly increase your ability to manage Etsy inventory. Even your unlimited number of shops that you add to Multiorders inventory management software wouldn’t reduce your efficiency, because they will be automatically updated whenever the stock changes.


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