Usually, receiving a lot of eBay orders associates with great success and profit. However, online sellers understand that having more orders also means more responsibility. Basically, you need to fulfil them faster, which creates the main problem: how to keep track of eBay inventory?

keep track of eBay inventory

Why do you need to keep track on eBay inventory?

When you don't know how to keep track of eBay inventory it can cause you huge trouble. For instance, it is one of the main reasons why sellers oversell some products. If you are unable to update your stock levels correctly, you won’t see when your product’s quantity is about to get low.

The main problem happens when your customer buys that kind of product. As a consequence, you will ship the item later than expected or even worse, cancel that order. These situations will not only upset your customer, but also force them to leave a negative review on your eBay account.

Poor inventory management will cause a negative review on your eBay account.

How to keep track of eBay inventory?

Basically, you have two options here - hire yourself a larger team or find a way to automate your business. To be honest, the second choice is more reliable and cost-effective. The right tool could save you more time and money than any employee could.

We are talking about Multiorders inventory management software, that can help you fulfil your orders four times faster. Also, it helps you keep track of eBay inventory because when you ship your order, the system automatically updates your stock-list.

when you ship your order, the system automatically updates your stock levels

Additionally, you can set your own reorder points either globally or separate for each category or product. As soon as your stock drops to that level, Multiorders alerts you about it. That way you will avoid overselling or surprisingly running out of stock.

How does it work?

Multiorders integrates with eBay and all of the most popular shipping carriers. This way, it creates a single place where you can receive, ship and manage your orders. When you ship your orders through Multiorders, it automatically updates your order status, stock levels and tracking number. With this tool, your order fulfilment takes just a few mouse clicks and you won’t have to worry about doing extra work to keep up with your eBay inventory.

keep track of eBay inventory

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