How To Hide Products In BigCommerce?

How To Hide Products In BigCommerce Multiorders

There is nothing worse than a dissatisfied customer in the online business. Mostly because they might leave you a negative review and won’t come back to your store. That will affect your reputation as well as the interest of your potential clients. That is why you are allowed to hide products in BigCommerce. The reason for this is really simple – if the product is not available yet, you shouldn’t fool your customers. Just make it invisible for as long as you need. In this article, we will show you how to hide products in BigCommerce.

hide products in BigCommerce

How to hide products in BigCommerce?


In order to hide products in BigCommerce, you need to go to your “Products” section. Then click on the “View” option and there you will see the eye button, which is next to your product. This button toggles the product’s storefront visibility.

Another way to hide products in BigCommerce is while you are adding or editing a product. You can do it in the “Other Details” tab, under the Other Details section.

Also, if you track inventory for your product you can automatically hide your product. This option automatically hides the product from the storefront, when it is out of stock.



Why do you need to hide products in BigCommerce?


As mentioned before, sometimes you need to hide products in BigCommerce mainly because you don’t want to disappoint your customers. For example, in situations when your product is temporarily unavailable. When it is out of stock, but you will soon get a product refill. Because of this feature, there is no necessity to delete that product – you can simply hide it. That way, you won’t confuse your customers or keep them waiting. Also, it is convenient when you are creating a new product. You can keep it hidden until you are completely finished polishing every detail.


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