Ecwid is a convenient solution that helps you easily set up an online store on your website. Basically, on Ecwid you can display the products you sell, their availability, prices, etc. However, sometimes retailers prefer to hide prices in Ecwid for various reasons. For example, if you are using the website only as a catalogue or you just want to share prices with customers who are interested. Either way, Ecwid understands that necessity and lets the retailers control how they would like to customize their website. That is why, in this article, we will explain how to hide prices in Ecwid.

hide prices in Ecwid

How to hide prices in Ecwid?

Fortunately, hiding price in Ecwid is a simple process. Because it involves just a few quick steps. First of all, you need to open your seller dashboard and then head over to settings. Now under the settings, select the design tab and then click on the CSS theme. Afterwards, go to the current Ecwid CSS theme you are using. In order to hide prices in Ecwid just add this code - 

div.ecwid-productBrowser-price {



Keep in mind, that this code hides the price for everyoneHowever, if you would like to hide prices in Ecwid only for your visitors, but still make them available for logged in customers, use this code instead:

/*Hide price in the catalog page*/
body.ecwid-customer-loggedOut .grid-product__price {
    display: none;

/*Hide Buy Now buttons in the catalog page*/
body.ecwid-customer-loggedOut .grid-product__button.grid-product__buy-now {
   display: none;

/*Hide price in the product details page*/
body.ecwid-customer-loggedOut .details-product-price__value,
body.ecwid-customer-loggedOut .details-product-price-compare__container {
   display: none;

/*Hide Add to Bag in the product details page*/
body.ecwid-customer-loggedOut .details-product-purchase__add-buttons {
   display: none;

In order to hide prices in Ecwid, choose the code that suits your need. Simply, add it to your current CSS and make sure to save your changes before exiting. Keep in mind, that you may not see the changes immediately. If nothing changes, try clearing your browser cache or opening the page on a different browser.

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