How To Get Reviews On Amazon?

How To Get Reviews On Amazon Multiorders

Reviews and other types of feedback are undoubtedly an essential part of business for each online seller. It is because shoppers cannot physically touch or try your products before they buy. So, your reviews on Amazon directly affect your sales. That is why you have to make sure, that your customers will leave their comments whenever they receive an order. Because, the better the feedback, the more profit you gain. For this reason, we found out how to get reviews on Amazon in the most effective ways.


reviews on amazon


Things you should NOT do:


  • Offer free products or other proposals for the reviews (if you aren’t in an Amazon Vine program)
  • Ask only for positive feedback
  • Review your own products
  • Ask a shopper to delete their negative review
  • Trade a good review for a good review
  • Comment negatively on your competitor’s products



How to get reviews on Amazon?


  • Reviews on Amazon

The main thing that you should know is that Amazon automatically sends a feedback request email to all your users after they receive an order. What you can do about that, is customize it in your Seller Central dashboard. Additionally, with the right content, you might increase the amount of reviews you get on Amazon. In this step, keep in mind all the previous “don’t” things. Instead of asking for a positive response, you should highlight the importance of their review. Remember to explain how it will help you improve your product. Also, you can ask them to contact you if they have a problem with their purchase. As a result, the amount of bad reviews you receive will decrease significantly.


  • Email marketing

Despite the fact that Amazon forbids you to contact your customer outside the platform, you can still create an email marketing campaign. In other words, you can ask your own website customers to leave you reviews on Amazon. The main reason for this is that Amazon product reviews do not require you to purchase your product. In this manner, shoppers who bought it elsewhere, still are able to leave their review.


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