How To Disable Reviews On BigCommerce

How To Disable Reviews On BigCommerce Multiorders

Reviews are crucial in the e-commerce business. Mostly because they allow your customers to evaluate your product before buying it. In other words, reviews build up your online store’s reputation and provide information about your product. That is why good reviews help in increasing your store’s popularity and bad reviews are for your store’s improvement. There are marketplaces, such as a BigCommerce, that allows you to disable reviews. In this article, we will explain how to disable reviews on BigCommerce.

disable reviews on BigCommerce

How to disable reviews on BigCommerce?


As mentioned before this marketplace allows you to disable or enable reviews as much as you want. The first step to disable reviews on BigCommerce is to go to your “Advanced Settings”. Second, click on the “Comments” section. There you need to select the “Built-in” or your third-party review system and click the “Save” button. Then click the “Built-in” tab that appears along the top of the page. Now, uncheck the box next to “Product reviews” to disable reviews on BigCommerce. Finally, click on the “Save” button.


How to hide some of your reviews?


On the other hand, BigCommerce allows you to manage which reviews will appear on your store. So, you don’t have to disable reviews on BigCommerce, you can simply hide some of them. In this manner, you can create the certain look about your store, but still receive all those recommendations for business improvement. In order to manage your product reviews go to the “Products” section and click on the “Reviews”. There you will see all your reviews and the three following actions. First of them is “Approve” that allows you to show that review on your product page. Another one is “Disapprove”, which means that it won’t appear on your store. Only you will see that review. The third option is to “Delete” selected reviews. It allows you to delete a review permanently. So, it won’t appear either to you or your users.


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