How To Delete Reviews On Amazon?

How To Delete Reviews On Amazon Multiorders

Undoubtedly, reputation is a big part of your company image, especially if you are an online seller. Moreover, any reviews on Amazon directly affect your sales and your online store traffic. Despite how hard you try to satisfy the needs of your customers, sometimes bad reviews are unavoidable. For example, there are situations when some accidents happen during shipping. For this reason, in this article, we explained how to delete reviews on Amazon.


delete reviews on Amazon


Your review

First of all, there might be situations when you leave a review on your own product. As you should know, this is against Amazon rules. Although, if you accidentally did this, no worries, you can delete your reviews on Amazon. Not only can you remove a review, but you can also edit it. The main thing to remember is, once you delete it, you are not able to post new feedback for the same product.



FBA or MCF seller

Another case is when an Amazon FBA or MCF seller wants to delete reviews on Amazon. If a bad review is caused by the delay, damage or return issues, Amazon should be responsible for this. In other words, since FBA or MCF means that Amazon handles all your product transition, they should take responsibility for any issues. In this case, inform Seller Central Support and request removal.



Product reviews

Besides the fact, that you are not supposed to delete reviews on Amazon, there are some exceptions. For example, when a product review contains only customer feedback details and nothing about the product itself. Also, when it is a promotional review or it promotes illegal conduct. Another case is when a product review is inappropriate – contains hate speech or offensive content. Moreover, it is possible to delete reviews on Amazon if they contain only one word.


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