How To Complete Stock Management Online?

How To Complete Stock Management Online Multiorders

As an ecommerce merchant, you most likely started off with a single or very few products. At first, managing inventory was no big deal. But as you’ve added products or expanded into more sales channels, it became quite the issue. It takes a lot of time to manually keep everything in check. In this article we’ll cover how to do your stock management online as a solution.

Stock management online

Stock management online

Moving from self-made spreadsheets or pen and paper to software is exciting. It automates many internal processes. However, it’s even better when you go for online stock management.

It basically means you can connect your sales channel accounts (like Amazon), shipping carriers and other aspects. As a result, the software will automate a major part of your workload.

For example, let’s say you’re selling the same product on several marketplaces. You make a sale on eBay and stock goes down from 15 to 14. With an online stock management solution, the stock level automatically updates throughout every other channel. It’s also instantly reflected on your reports and statistics.

The hard way of starting your website

The hard way

Merchants who build their own ecommerce websites will know this – it’s not easy to get all the addons and plugins to create a fluent system. However, nobody can stop you from trying.

You might even do that for free. However, it costs you immense amounts of time and troubleshooting before you get everything up and running. Until you need it to do something more, that is.

In short, this is a possible way to handle stock management online, but certainly comes out behind the easy way in terms of efficiency.

The easy way to connect everything together through Multiorders

The easy way

The easy way is to use professional software that’s designed to make an ecommerce merchant’s life easier. Even though there are many to choose from, we recommend Multiorders. Here’s our reasoning behind this decision:

  • All features are available to all users. There is no paywall, which means no features are exclusive to premium or higher-paying users.
  • It seamlessly integrates with all major sales channels, shipping carriers and marketing tools.
  • The price scales with orders received and the nuber of items you have in your inventory. Meaning, you can expand your business and only start paying a tiny bit more after you’ve successfully expanded.
  • You can trial it for free. The set up takes very little time. You could start saving time and money within the hour. And continue to do so for up to two weeks before even having to put in credit card details.

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