How To Change Shopify URL

How To Change Shopify URL Multiorders

When starting your own business you face a lot of challenges. Some are easier than others, but one remains the same for everyone. How to change Shopify URL? You have successfully created your store and there is a need to differentiate your store’s name from others. Here we are going to explain how to change Shopify URL easily and with minimum stress.

How To Change Shopify URL

First of all what is an URL and why do we need it? You will have to deal with more than one URL in your Shopify store, but the most important one is your primary domain. This URL will be shown on all of your pages. For example, a customer sees your ad, clicks on the URL and comes to your store. In the address bar they will clearly see your primary domain (the name of the shop) and the product/service/contact or whatever else you were advertising in your ad.


Before you change Shopify URL, you need to purchase the domain. You can do that through Shopify or any other chosen third party provider.


How to change Shopify URL:


  • Login to your Shopify admin page.
  • Go to Online store → Domains.
  • Find the Primary domain section.
  • Click “Change the primary domain”.
  • Choose your desired primary domain.
  • Click Save.



After taking these 6 easy steps, you will have a brand new Shopify URL and your customers will be able to identify your store by it.


URL structure


If you are new to Shopify and online business it can be hard to grasp the URL and its structure. Normally, when you come to the main page your URL would be like this:

When we see https, the s means that it is safe and a website includes an SSL certificate. Then we have the name of the website/store – Multiorders. If you leave the main page, the url changes according to the steps you make. For example:

Here we see that first we went to another page called “why choose Multiorders”. It is exactly the same with Shopify and all other link structure. In your store you have a URL with three steps, if you press on collection, shoes and then the chosen product you will have But if you go straight to the product, then your link would be a lot shorter – Multiorders/product. It is important to think about this when creating the navigation plan of your store. The more steps it is required to take, the longer URL will be.


URL redirects


In some cases you will decide to remove a product or it will be removed from your suppliers end (depends on what kind of store you are running). If you have used this URL somewhere else, for example in social media or any other marketing activity, you will need to use URL redirect. It means that when a customer clicks on your original URL they will be taken to a new one, with similar product. This way you will save a lot of time and your valuable customers are not going to need to deal with various errors.


To create URL redirect:


  • Login into your admin account.
  • Go to Online store→ Navigation.
  • Click “URL redirects”.
  • Click “add URL redirect”.
  • In the redirect from, write the original URL. It has to be a broken URL or otherwise it will not work.
  • In redirect to, write the new URL to which your customers will be redirected from now on.
  • Click Add.



Here you are, you have just learned how to create Shopify URL redirects. Enjoy and good luck with your business!


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