How to Calculate COGS and Why It Matters for Your Small Bussiness

What is order management?

Improvements to your day-to-day workflow

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Multiorders will enhance your day-to-day experience as a seller. We do it by automating everything that can be automated and simplifying every other process, such as physically picking your products, packing them and shipping them off to your customers. Multiorders also makes it much easier to work with your suppliers. No more manual checking if any product is running out, no more worries about sending multiple emails to your supplier and simply no more hassle. When any product reaches its reorder point (which you can set for your entire inventory or for each item separately), its remaining quantity is highlighted and you get notified that it’s time to raise a purchase order.

That part is also really easy with Multiorders. You can create a purchase order for every single item that is running low with just one click. Multiorders will check which items need reordering, which supplier you buy them from and automatically fill out the order. All you need to do is decide how many of each item you need and click send. That’s it. After you receive the actual supplies it also takes a single click to update your stock levels in Multiorders and every single one of your stores.

Multiorders will also help you with another extremely important part of your e-commerce business. That, of course, is performance tracking. Many sellers either forget to analyse their store’s performance or can’t be bothered to do it, because it takes a lot of time and effort to gather enough data for comprehensive results. With Multiorders you can see how your business is doing in seconds. All you need to do is simply pick a report you’re interested in. You can quickly find out which products make you the most money and which ones just take up valuable storage space. You can find much more valuable insights through our reports – which of your stores performs best, who are your most loyal customers and even download a list of products that are low in stock.


Instant update

Just seeing your products in one place is not enough. Any updates to product prices and stock levels will instantly reflect in the corresponding marketplaces.


Product merging

If you’re selling the same items on multiple sales channels, you need to make sure that the total available stock is correct in every shop. Doing this manually would take hours of constant monitoring.

With Multiorders, once a merged product is sold in one store, all other connected stores will be updated to show the new stock level. This way you will never be at risk of overselling.


Purchase Orders

Multiorders inventory management software automatically fills out all the necessary information and sends the purchase order to your supplier.

Once you receive your items, all you have to do is click “Receive order” and your stock levels will be automatically updated in the Multiorders dashboard and pushed into the relevant stores.

Supplier Management

By using Multiorders inventory management software you can forget having to contact each of your suppliers separately or filling out loads of different forms for each one.

Now, you are able to add your supplier details into Multiorders and easily order more inventory with just a few clicks.

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