How To Block Someone On Ebay

How To Block Someone On eBay Multiorders

While e-commerce eliminated the need for physical communication, it also simplified seller’s actions. For example, if you had an issue with a buyer, eBay allows you to stop working with them. In other words, they allow you to block someone without any struggle. This function saves online sellers from running into buyers, who they shared a bad experience with. In this article, we will explain how to block someone on eBay.

block someone on eBay

Why should you block someone on eBay?

The reason for this could be really simple – you do not like to share your business with a certain eBay buyer. For example, you did not like how they performed in a bidding or their communication manner. That could be enough reasons to block someone on eBay. Another case could be based on specific requirements. In this case, customers who live in a country, where you are unable to ship your items.

How to block someone on eBay?

The procedure of blocking eBay buyers is quite simple if you are following the right steps. First, let’s examine the situation in which you decided to block someone, to stop them from purchasing and bidding. In other words, when you want to block a certain user. So, you have to go to the “Block bidders or buyers from your listings” page. Then, enter their username and select “Submit”. One important thing to remember is that you can add up to 5000 usernames there.

As mentioned before, you could also block someone on eBay according to their specifications. For example, if they don’t live in your shipping area or do not have a positive feedback score. In order to block them on eBay, you need to go to “Selling preferences” in My eBay, then select “Show”. Afterwards, next to “Block buyers who” select “Edit”. There you can enter your preferences to block someone on eBay and select “Submit”.

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