Automating the shipment tracking process certainly improves time-efficiency. However, automating this rather isolated process may not pose an impact huge enough to make a real difference. Although, a better way of looking at it would be to automate the order management process as a whole.

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Think bigger than shipment tracking

To bring your order management to the next level, the solution would be to adapt software built precisely for that purpose. Multiorders is an online inventory management solution that integrates with all your marketplaces, shopping carts and shipping services all at once.

Meaning, you’ll be controlling all your inventory processes in the most sophisticated and automated manner. Now, let’s go back to shipment tracking and the order management process. Take a look at how Multiorders turns hours of labor into mere seconds.

regular vs automated

Regular vs. automated

At first, we need a starting point. Say, you’ve already got a business in action and you log onto Multiorders and just got an order.

Traditionally, there would be a list of actions to take. With some variance between different platforms you use, the list probably looks something like this:

  • Find your shipment order template and manually fill it out with the order-specific information;
  • Create a shipping label;
  • Generate a tracking ID;
  • Pack and send the goods;
  • Adjust remaining product stock numbers in all marketplaces;
  • If the stock went down below a certain level, prepare a purchase order for the supplier and calculate the amount of products needed.

As you can see, there’s very little involved that can’t be done by a computer algorithm. With proper software, all that the list contains is the physical part and a few mouse clicks:

  • Click “Ship Order”, select the carrier and print out the automatically generated label;
  • Pack and send the goods;
  • Then, If a notification pops up, that your stock is low and you wish to restock, give it a couple of clicks and you’re done.

Not only is this a shorter list, but each action takes nearly no time, unlike the manual process. There’s also no room for human error, which does happen when taking care of orders and shipment tracking by hand.



While there are many neat ways to save money running an ecommerce business, nothing comes close to using inventory management software. That’s just a phenomenal difference in your favor.

You’re welcome to explore the features of Multiorders. It’s sensible to try something before you buy it - sign up for a free trial.

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